Applied Music Psychology for Sport and Life

Applied music psychology can be used to aid achievement in sport, and laterally in everyday life. Its the key to unlocking the power of your .body and your mind. With scientifically proven techniques, You can utilize brain changing capability of music motivation and psychological principles to access, focus and stimulate a determined winning mentality. .applied music psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, flow, zone, musicpsycheWhether you are training for a specific physical goal or achievement, or just require the learning to boost your confidence and motivation at home, work or any sporting arena. Then a fusion of applied music psychology and Cognitive-behavioural therapy will provide the complete skill sets you need. If you want a more
in-depth understanding of mind management. It doesn’t get much better than this The Chimp Paradox: The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

The Basic Psychology

So cognition and behaviour. This is critical. It is extensively documented that elite performers are shown to have engaged in methodical behavioural activities, specifically designed to improve their performance. The accumulation of this can manifest in excess 10,000 hours of mind and body cognition! The essential elements such as routine and repetitive successive refinement is a set in stone irreplaceable function. There are many speculative claims that exist, but this is the cornerstone of ALL mental and physical achievement, and cannot be bypassed. Although frequency and content of practice will differ from circumstance and circumstance, research fortifies the need for an optimal duration of practice, A maximum amount of daily practice, and a length of intense preparation. These are the basic mechanics of whatever you want to achieve spiritually, mentally or physically. The work, rest and play scenario.

Now….The Applied Music Psychology

Now the next paragraph may seem slightly contradictory in relation to the premise to the cornerstone of practice “cannot be bypassed”. However with applied music psychology, You are stimulating and amplifying neural energy. applied music psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, cognition, behaviour, exercise, run, music therapyIncreased brain activity is promoted by rhythm, beat, melody and vocal suggestion. It is similar to hypnotic trance, where a ambient and receptive environment is constructed and affirmative and positive suggestions are fed into your sub-conscious. This is where that notional 110% occurs. When you are performing at your perceived maximum, applied music psychology can enable you to find that ‘flow’ state.
Flow (also described as in the zone) is you experiencing a loss of self-consciousness and a sense of complete mastery of the performance. Flow can improve performance. Research has shown that flow can enhance performance in a wide ranging variety of areas including teaching, learning, sports, and creativity.

Why do you see highly successful and motivated athletes, adorning headphones.
They are already highly successful in there fields. Trained and honed to near perfection. Why do they need the crutch of music to shut them off from the world around them. Because they know how to sharpen and focus there competitive edge. They know how to legally flood there brain with 100% naturally occurring endorphins. This is given them a significant advantage over the pure practice, practice, practice model. Cognition, behaviour and applied music psychology can work for EVERYONE. Why shouldn’t it be you!

Again, this is a blogpost outlining the infinite possibility of fusing together of therapies to create the ‘flow’ in your life. If you want a comprehensive guide to managing and optimising your mind read this….The Chimp Paradox: The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

The therapy of learning an instrument later in life

Learning an instrument later in life can bring significant improvements in your brain. By later in life I am referring the later in life relating to your brain age, not the years you have walked the earth.

Modern life can trigger and accelerate brain decay and decline. Some examples are to much sugar. People with diabetes are may be at a greater risk for a decline in mental function—brain decay—or dementia. Excessive alcohol intake can severely reduce cognitive function.learning an instrument later in life, guitar learning guitarThese are a couple of samples of possible brain decline, but the one condition that affects us all is age. It is said that Brain decline begins at age 27. I’m not endorsing that learning an instrument later in life is a cure for genetics or modern life, but it can certainly apply the brakes to the process.

As we age, Music lessons can provide and install a valuable defensive line for the brain against memory loss, cognitive decline, and diminished ability to distinguish spoken language These benefits are readily available even if you haven’t blown the cobwebs off your instrument in years. You can even start the brain decline reversal process if you decide to learn an instrument for the very first time in mid­dle age or beyond. When spending hours learning and practicing precise types of motor functions and coordination in addition to reading music and listening all contribute to boosting your brain. This is a very brief synopsis of how learning an instrument in later life can improve decreasing brain function.

learning piano, piano, learning an instrument later in life,Playing a musical instrument requires a broad spectrum of brain activity requiring the cognitive functions to work together hand in hand, utilising both right and left hemispheres of the brain. Playing music is an efficient way to stimulate, re-engage neural connections and subsequently train the brain.

It’s never to late to start learning an instrument later in life. Research has shown that after only six months, those who have participated in music lessons showed gains in memory and recall, better verbal expression, the speed of processing information and various other cognitive functions, compared with those who had not received lessons.

So if your curiosity has been pricked and learning an instrument in later life is something you are contemplating, and tickling the ivories is your passion then Click Here! If your more a strummer and plucker then try then alternatively Click Here! Both offer completely free taster trials. So there really is no reason not to start, not only improving your musical abilities. It is a chance to fortify and build your brainpower.

Feeling your brain shift with Music!

Brain shift is the moment when you feel that surge or rush of chemicals integrating with the neural pathways of the brain. That micro time lapse creating an altered state in your mind. This is the moment in time when peace, mindfulness, creation & motivation is reborn. Music can create that brain shift. If that brief tempter into the infinite possibilities that music can create within you as provoked your curiousity, then you can cut to the chase right here and just jump straight in.

A Brain Shift of Inspiration

If you want to delve a little deeper, lets continue…..If you have an interest in the therapeutic possibilities of music.brain shift, brain shift radio, music,music therapy, neuroscience Then I have discovered a real groundbreaker in terms of instant and readily available music therapy for you. If your wanting to explore a different and INSTANT self-therapy for the mind. That ISNT an elongated system or 500 page self help book. Then If your a person who just enjoys music on a surface level, and didn’t want to get overloaded with what’s good or bad, the technology, composition and theory. Then I can lay your mind at rest, because all music can resonate and create a brain shift with all people in all cultures. All music is good, if you enjoy it and it ticks your boxes…..Then don’t just submissively just listen let it entrain you, guide and inspire you. Want to test out the theory for free just click here.

A Brain Shift coach in your pocket

For me Music is a lifelong passion. So when I discovered its magic and neurological reach could lead to the most unexpected places and discoveries, both in my mind and in my world. I used it (and still do) as an ongoing daily therapy that I consciously and sub-consciously enjoy. There is no labour or sacrifice of time with music therapy. It floods your mind and your soul creating a brain shift, allowing rebalancing and positive endorphins to create a fresh mental state. We all get mentally stuck at random intervals in our life. brain shift, brain, brain shift radio, music therapy, positivity, wellbeing, mindfullness, peaceTo move past these sticky periods we need to refocus and regroup. You have the opportunity NOW to have your own personal music therapist in your pocket. Ready whenever you are to push, support or consolidate a feeling or goal. You can get that musical therapy RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Plus try it free for 30 Days.

Taking control of your Brain Shift

Its time to take control of your brain with Brain Shift Radio. Experience heightened focus, bask in a reduction of anxiety, Improve sleep patterns, Feel a surge in energy, and enhance your cognitive capabilities. Brain Shift technology is an interactive, personalized streaming radio programme. You can mix the rhythmic and ambient components of auditory brain stimulation and rhythmic entrainment to impact your brain in very specific and unique ways. Music can be used in very prescriptive ways, but here is a chance the fully enhance all the benefits of music in researched and proven ways. We can let choose the mix or you can mix your own therapy. Brain Shift Radio can and will take you where you want to go.

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Change your Brain Chemistry Happily and Naturally?

The answer to balancing your brain chemistry is the matter for catalogues upon reams of data and research. Why so much information? Because Brain Chemistry and its links to depression, and subsequently artificially creating a re-balance and reordering of neural transmissions are a matter for innumerate debate, opinion and pharmaceutical intervention.brain chemistry, happiness, relaxation Of course a blog post wont even scratch or blemish the surface of this subject. But the point I’m trying to illustrate here is that happiness and its polar opposite depression, have a direct and impacting effect on your life. Direct and impacting actually barely serves justice for the overwhelming importance of balanced, positive and happy brain chemistry.

Abundant Brain Chemistry

It is generally accepted that depression is the scourge of modern civilisation. It is generally believed and accepted that our brave new world is the harvester of the gloom and impending doom, that affects us all at some juncture in our lives. In Tribal communities in what we would presume as deprived or third world conditions in modern society, experience ridiculously low levels of stress, which are comparable to cultures and descendencies before rain forests of data where collated. In these circumstances of low levels of stress and depression, No synthetic interventions were available but brain chemistry was both balanced and abundant.

So we are the victims of our own evolution. This in itself is an entire encyclopaedia of discussion, even volumes. But lets just settle on the fact, that we have created this reality.brain chemistry, headphones, happiness, depression But if we revert and take historical leaves out of our ancestors books lets see if there is a non synthetic therapy for happiness, be it standalone or in a supportive role. Well there is!
It exists, Its alive and well and has in one form or another been with us since day dot. It not in tablet form, not oral suspension. No prescription is needed and its accessible to us all. Even if you are a tribal community, blissfully living grid free, you can manufacture your own medicine. Yes! you can re-wire your brain chemistry…..starting NOW! With Music. Yes that’s correct. MUSIC! I can almost sense the doubt and derision.

Test your Brain chemistry

But try this experiment. It will take approximately take ten minutes of your day. The benefit of this time investment can be euphoric, settling, joyous or just an altered state of brain chemistry that will adjust your perspective on the world. In an enhanced form, and as formulated and specific therapy. Lives can be changed! We can ALL benefit from this experiment and I both challenge and urge you to JUST TRY! The following 5 pieces of music I hope will create a broad spectrum to cater for a vast array of musical tastes. Hopefully one will trigger the necessary reaction.

1. Step out – Jose Gonzalez. A real feel ‘mother nature’ all around anthem. 2. Im Alive – Michael Franti and Spearhead. A happy joyous ‘Life is great’ whistler of a tune.brainwaves, brain chemistry, 3. Sweet Harmony – The Beloved. A reflective, soft harmony of love and mindfulness. 4. Anybody There – Rainbow A moody, atmospheric soul searcher from the rock/metal genre. Finally some rousing choral pomp on a classical theme 5. Anvil chorus – Guiseppe Verdi

What is of great importance and to maintain focus and lose yourself in the mental conjuring of your brain chemistry. Is to seek some solace. Be it by way of headphones, or a space where you can reflect and express the emotions and feelings that spill over during the process. If time permits, if a piece suits your neural mechanisms, repeat the process to reinforce your feelings. Beyond your consciousness the emotions evoked will embed themselves in your neural network and your brain chemistry has begun to change. By the conclusion of the process you will have a slightly altered awareness and change of perception. If you want to take the experience to the next level click here and subscribe.Alternatively leave your experiences, opinions or suggestions below. Happy Testing!

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A Mad Rush to the End of Innocence

A Mad rush to the end of innocence, is in all truth the journey we are all on in unison. From the awakening and starting pistol of birth, the race to the end of our mortal coil is incumbent upon us. Innocence and youth are both readily disposable commodities. When such traits are cast a sunder the onset of adulthood is sickeningly premature. With adulthood comes responsibility. Adolescence is just a brief acquaintance, and a parting gesture this acquaintance introduces you to your saddle. The world of demand and burden awaits. Your grasp on your fleeting childhood has loosened. The beauty of innocence, The joy of not, mad rush, innocence, childhood, natureThe ability to observe unchallenged the sheer awe and bewilderment of possibility that lay ahead. It is our right of passage that we should be unfettered by sin or moral judgement. It is an extension of the womb in which protection is preserved allowing us to grow unhindered. So why the mad rush to accelerate growth? In women the incessant need to accelerate growth by means of make up and short skirts. In later life the clinging onto an anti ageing elixir. In men to smoke, drink and be sexually prolific. The latter day man worrying about hair loss, lifestyle related diseases and impotence. Why is there a Mad Rush to get to the very end in the swiftest time possible? Of course in whatever gender there are crossover points and neither circumstance is exclusive. But they are all traits of our accelerated modern lives.

Life in a Mad Rush

So what is the music that has shackled me to memories of my own youth, and by default the 3D reality of the tender youth that usurps my own? A mesmeric piano piece by Phillip Glass called Mad Rush. It is the personification of the pace of life. It rises, it descends. It trickles and flows throw the mind with consummate ease. The magic lies in that it caresses your soul draws memory and circumstance from your subconscious. The irony is before you even realise it, this 15 minute piece is over. Time for reflection has passed. That is the majesty of this music, it gently unwraps and exposes your innocence, it chastens you into a recant of childhood. Then its over!

Mad rush to dispose of innocence

Protect the innocence of childhood. Promote and value it. Whether your a parent or relative, or indeed the child in question. Hold on to your youth for as long as you can. beast of burden, mad rushProtect it as if your life depends on it. It goes so quickly and once passed it is non refundable. There is so much time to grow up. When your a beast of burden, that saddle is fastened tight, its construction has a life time guarantee. So a visit to the saddlery is unfortunately a part of the cycle of life. But don’t be jumping the queue to get there.

Music envelopes us. It prompts rich and vivid memories. It can recount pain, bring joy and every emotion in-between. Try today’s music in seclusion. Play it loud, and it still soft to the touch. What Music holds court over your life. We would love to hear.

Charity versus Abundance is perverse at best!

Charity versus Abundance. That’s the conundrum, yet simplistic premise we will explore here. Abundance by its very dictionary definition is, the situation in which there is more than enough of something: So what is the something? Well Its food, shelter and healthcare. The basics of humanity. But millions of people are dependant on these needs being met by gifts of generosity , not necessity when resources clearly exist That is the strange charity versus abundance dilemma.

There is enough food to feed the world. The world produces 17% more food per person today than 30 years ago. But close to a billion people go to sleep hungry every night. That’s the food aspect conclusively highlighted. So now lets look at shelter. According to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, there is an estimated 100 million homeless people versus abundance, charity, abundance, hunger, healthcare, wealth, moneyThis is a startling statistic when you consider how affluent some parts of the world are. There is ample food production and ample resources for shelter. So lets close this factual triangle of human needs against clear surplus by adding healthcare into the melting pot. As I write, over 1/3 of the world population does not have access to the medicines essential to their health and survival. A famous quote encompasses this perfectly ‘The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed’. -Mahatma Gandhi — The music to accompany this blogpost and to support this quote is ‘Every Little thing’ by Peter Doran.

It is therefore clear that our planet is abundant in both food and resources. These resources are as is widely known being aggressively depleted. But as of this moment in time they exist. However in order to disperse these most rudimentary of needs, we need money. So is there an abundance of wealth in the world to facilitate this requirement. Simple answer, Yes! The richest 1% now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined, according to Oxfam. So by no great calculus, evenly distributed. Whether abundance exists or just adequacy, The wealth is there.

Charity versus Abundance

So lets pass a cursory eye over charity. In its purest form charity is the benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity. Generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering and aid given to those in need. Well there is a plethora of ‘good causes’ that I can recall from memory, more likely a multitude though! But the key and most troubling term in that whole definition is voluntarily. In every crevice and corner of this planet there lies a cause. But why are we dependant on the generosity of a miniscule proportion of mankind so that we can all receive the most basic of care.

So lets drag ourselves back kicking and screaming to the opening exchange. The deeply unequal equation of Charity versus Abundance. I Am either naïve, or just clinging on to the romantic notion, that we all deserve the bare bones of humanitarian care. If abundance outweighs need. Then why does charity even exist. Its an oxymoron of global proportion. It is painfully evident that the battle of charity versus abundance is perversely one sided.

Every little thing you think that you need

So why was the scribing of this post particularly prevalent now, When there is always loss, desolation, depravation and fear existing in every walk of life versus abundance, every little thing, peter doranWell I live on an virtual intravenous drip of music every single day of my existence. Its my lifeforce if you like. I can draw emotion, purpose and understanding in every aspect of my life from it. The music that inspired this post was no epic ‘earth song’, no triumphant ‘feed the world’. Its a little acoustic ditty about what you have is enough, and what you want is not necessarily what you need. Its a beautiful basic song suitably repetitive in verse and chorus, that just pokes the neurons into a deliberative state. ‘Every Little thing’ by Peter Doran. Dwell on the song a while. It applies to most of us.

What music spikes your philosophical musings. Music that taps deep into your psyche, and makes images and memories flash from your sub-conscious to this moment it time. We’d love to know?

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Your Egyptian Chains are on!

Do you feel currently, or have felt in the past your chains are on. What do I mean by chains? Well restrictions, inhibitors. Life obstacles that prevent you living the life you may idealise. You may feel your work/career chains are on. Maybe there is emotional or mental chains that imprison your dreams, aspirations and goals. This is not a modern problem as history and this landmark song illustrates.

Dio’s Chains are on

This week, a real blast from the past. Some good old unapologetic 80’s rock. Music of pedigree though.dio, chains, chains are onThe sadly recently deceased Ronnie James Dio (formerly of Black Sabbath and Rainbow) with his self named band, created a little masterpiece that is as relevant now, as it was then. Listen here.
Egypt(the chains are on). The lyrics recount the tale of ancient Egypt, and the woes of slavery and service of the masses.

The broad story board is, that in the land of pharaohs and queens all but the divine beings are subjects, numbers, fodder if you prefer. Bound to a life of endless servitude. There chains are on!

Signs your chains are on

As I pick through the learnings, yes learnings of a thumping rock song, can you draw parallels to each of the earmarked lyrics in your existence.

“In the land of the lost horizon”. Have you ever found yourself contemplating your life. Not now but when you were all dreamy and aspirational. When the world was your oyster. Then places you visit, the career to finance your dreams. Now if you have not ticked though life boxes or at least only few. Then you realise your ritualised hamster wheel life is doing little if nothing to rekindle that youthful enthusiasm. Then yours is the land of the lost horizon.

“In the land of no tomorrows where you pray to just to end each day. chains, chains are on, dio,egyptWhere your life just slowly melts away”. So the emotion of inevitability, of routine, of just another soul crushing day. Well that is your land of no tomorrows. Because today is tomorrow and transversely tomorrow is today. That descending feeling is your life melting away.

“Maybe one day you’ll be like me free. still your chains are on”. This is the hope in your soul. Of course hope is folly without substance, without action or endeavour. Your chains are on if your life is dictated by maybes. The goal is your freedom. Your obstacles in achieving that status are your chains and your routine.

Finally “They had rainbows in there eyes”. I believe there is always a way. A non-predetermined path for us all. The art of war is to strive to find it. I find it hard to comprehend that whatever your goal. It has been in some variant achieved before. Not only achieved but catalogued by means of a book, course or various and increasing different media streams. Step by step. Ready to be replicated, twisted and formed to your own needs. The rainbows in your eyes are your goals. You may have lost sight of, or lost focus on them. But live them in every bright and vibrant spectrum your life deserves. Because your fulfilled life depends on them.

This song is a portrayal of a life typified by slavery. It may now be transposed and seen as drudgery and monotony. But in either case it is slavery of the mind, body and spirit. So what are your ‘Rainbows in your eyes’songs? Let us know here.

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Standing on the edge of a cliff!

Have you ever found yourself standing on the edge of cliff, either physically or theoretically? That moment in time where you question your viability in this world. I’m not seeking to glamourize or justify the recumbent feelings of self-worth.edge of a cliff, suicide Just wanting to explore that vulnerable emotion where the ‘shutdown’ switch becomes a realistic option, and how we singularly or as a society can assist in the elimination of the sheer debilitating isolation and the dark shroud of hopeless desperation. This is typified in today’s music ‘edge of a cliff’ by The Streets The song in question is actually of kindness and wisdom. A victory for charity and compassion over the darkest of all feelings.

The edge of a cliff has a massive population

It is important to note. You will not be the first person to feel exactly as you may at some point do. Numerous life circumstances can trigger the capitulation of the human spirit. Death, Loss, Money, loneliness to name but a few. Millions of people have had suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. Feeling suicidal is not a flaw in your character, and it doesn’t mean that you are mad, or weak, or unique. It only means that you are unable to process the amount of pain than you can individually cope with right now. The pain is to unimaginably high to scale. It is domineering and overwhelming and permanent at that juncture in your life. But with time and support, you can overcome your problems and the pain and suicidal feelings will pass. Listen to the premise of the music again here!
Taking the ‘edge of a cliff’ concept, The cliff is vast, and your location on it, is where your ability to internally manage the situation has hit the buffers. suicidal thoughts, edge of a cliffI however would state, and this with no medical qualification, that if you find yourself on that cliff physically or mentally. You have stepped beyond the realms of self management. This is the point where the wise man in the song should be sought for counsel. How do I know? well ive been on that cliff. Not the very edge! but certainly close enough to be talked down.

Music to listen to before the edge of a cliff is even an option

Music can assist to derail all manner of negative emotions, this being the most serious of all. Whilst it cant be relied upon solely, it can be used to reinforce the soul and spirit. It can give clarity and perspective. Nietzsche, edge of a cliff, suicideA song of fortitude and courage that instantly springs to mind is ‘So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. If it agitates the merest positive feeling, it can act as a catalyst for an entire new and positive outlook.

What are your songs or music of hope, compassion and fortitude. What music suppresses your doubts and negativity. Let us know here. There are many organisations for help, support and advice click here for a list.

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Searching for your Redemption

Whether you can find redemption in yourself, or you turn to your faith (that’s spiritual and totally non denominational), or you nestle in the belonging of your significant other. Searching for your redemption and closure from circumstance that has detrimentally become a part of you, is an integral/essential part of moving forward.

So the inward search for your emotionally supportive crutch, to assimilate some good and fair reason to supress or compartmentalise your past, allowing you to move on is robotically built into all of us. To seek help, solace or counsel isn’t a sign of weakness. It is more a sign of fortitude. In desperation, there is hope and out of pain will subsequently surface pleasure and joy.

Redemption the Samm Henshaw way

The song in question that evokes this soul probing is Redemption by Samm Henshaw. A grassy, earthy, soul ridden rasping tune. It is a whole journey through the darkest of times. redemption, Samm henshawThe scouring of his own soul to find worth and purpose. The allaying of his battered and bruised being. The negativity of doubt, fear, and fatigue of his life and his purpose. His last words, are of submission and request for recognition and forgiveness, so that he can move on.

The feeling of belonging and acceptance in all of us. There are that those that will protest fervently that they find security in solitude, and their sole dependency is within themselves. redemption, joyBack slapping gratitude and transversely outcry and condemnation are a matter for themselves. This though in certain goal driven dynamics is admirable, but also inhuman. Us humans are pack animals, social beings. We are programmed to belong

To quote a famous speech from The Great Dictator. “You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate, only the unloved hate. The unloved and the unnatural”. So the essence of this post is that no matter how bad times are, or wrong we have endured or caused we all need someone or something to lean on. Not necessarily advice or mentoring, just a redemptive process of acknowledgement. Life is hard, that’s the cold hard facts for everyone to a scale. Don’t be afraid to seek support.

What is your song of redemption? Your song of needing support? I can think of numerous tracks that fit this theme. What is yours?

Redemption is just one emotion

Is there music that you feel a pure emotional draw to. Think of this premise….Music can and does affect everyday of your life, whether directly in to your mind by choice, or subliminally in every walk of life. Music can be used positively to direct, cajole and alter your whole state of mind. In my forthcoming book ‘You cant hear the planes, If you live on the flightpath’…. I will seek to create an altered state of consciousness in which we can all use to strive and succeed.

A Beans on toast approach to the world!

Well, I would of never thought a burnt piece of bread with some haricot beans covered in salt and sugar rich tomato sauce would make me think(I.e beans on toast) yeah… that’s real life. In fairness. I knew that already… that is, that we are all indoctrinated into believing stock market crashes and falls. High interest rates, low interest rates. The country in deficit.robin hood, robin hood costume, beans on toast Austerity is required. News people. ‘ITS ALL BOLLOCKS’ it doesn’t actually exist. YOUR government is rich. It is rich beyond figures you can imagine. Look at Greece… borrow, borrow and borrow some more! Are they ever going to pay that back…..eeeeeerrr! Nope! Will Greece fall and become the ashes of Europe? that’s also Nope! If they choose to subject their citizens to tax cuts, benefit cuts etc….. its because its a paper exercise…. Lets jump to the middle east, or third world Africa.. Choose you country, any one you like….Are your parliamentarians suffering from the cuts and suffering….eerrr Nope!
But lets change tact completely….oil giants (insert preferred choice here)….profits down to a noiminal $37 billion, crude oil down 25% per barrel…. job cuts are inevitable! REALLY! job cuts on $37 billion? Why, are those CEO’s not quite not rich enough, that the proles have to lose their jobs…..??? A Person who I trust in this matter more than any other is James Altulcher…read this post, his far more qualified than me to speak.

Beans on toast

So we finally get to the song that’s the ignition behind this boiling point of a blogpost (rant).
A folk singer under the pseudonym of Beans on Toast,beans on toast, rolling up the hill rolling up the hill” width=”300″ height=”107″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-433″ />Very raw, very uncompromising, but very to the point….well worth a listen if you like violently strummed acoustic guitar and a real souly harmonica. The track in question is Robin hood costume. The taking from the rich to give to the poor rhetoric. Is it deeply socialist of me? no, not really its just fair. You , me and all of us are being conned, kept down and subjugated! I’ve used the following quote before but it deserves a second airing:- Osho said “No society wants you to be wise, It is against the investment of all societies”

….and for desert

As a supporting good read, I really became engrossed in Revolution by Russell Brand. Now you can question his motives and financial funding,revolution, russel brand but the premise is good. It’s conclusion, is the utopian ideal of equality. Which will never happen, because sadly we are all enveloped into the gerbil wheel of finance and economy. But it’s a good fairytale.

Well rant over…. but what is your rebellion song, your revolution song or just a plain f**k you song? let us know!

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