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Music Therapy for the Masses

We bring to you Music Therapy for the masses. The reason is this form of therapy is generally associated with treatment of acute mental and physical impairments. Our question is, why don’t we all use this accessible self development in our everyday life? That’s the mission statement. So let us begin…

Enhance your life with Music Therapy

So what kind of day have you had? Are you elated, relieved, joyous or at the other end of the spectrum dejected, depressed, anxious or just worn down. Well I’m delighted to inform you that the correct anti depressant / meditative / or euphoric drug is readily prescribed and available to you 24/7.

Music Therapy canmusic therapy, singing hippos, music therapy for the masses

chase the blues away, blow out the cobwebs, or create an entranced ambient state. It is Simply the therapeutic gift of music. Music can slow the removal of certain chemicals from the brain. Without the need for advanced science at this stage, Generally the chemicals in question are called neurotransmitters. (Most notably serotonin and norepinephrine). Keep them, and you stay happier longer.

Music Therapy the proven science

Music Therapy works as a creative spark, a flexible and often spontaneous means of utilizing the all encompassing appeal of music.v festival, Music To help people of all ages, advantages and disadvantages. Music Therapy is an established health care practice that uses music to address physical, psychological, cognitive and social behavioural patterns. Music Therapy can positively affect children and adults alike. Music Therapy can make the difference between isolation and interaction and has been proven effective in all walks of life.

Rhythmic string, wind, percussion and voice can give you euphoric highs, and trance like stillness and peace. Similar to the effect antidepressant medications bring. So if you are looking for a course of medication to arrive at these states of mind, read on to learn more about how the most under used form of self therapy can re-route your mood almost instantly.

Need further evidence take a look at this ted talk from Benjamin Zander. Although primarily focused on classical music, this concept covers all music and all people.Its an education in itself.

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