A leap of faith onto the Island

Mark Constantine will never be on Desert Island Discs! But he has definitely made a leap of faith onto the island. His is not so much his life story, but a crucial excerpt in his life. Its his Game changer moment. Not a rags to riches story by any means. But certainly a despair to joy story. So who is Mark Constantine Sykes? Well this is his short bio, and 5 (I will never be on Desert Island discs) song choices.

I always had a passion for food. From day one in school Food technology was the go to lesson. Worked in some of the finest London restaurants from dishwasher to waiter, to a minion chef. That’s where my career stalled. Ridiculously long unsociable hours, and progression or elite career path was a goal. But a distant one. Then one day the fire went out. On my passion. Due to hours and laboriously repetitive menus and preparation tasks. I woke up one morning, and just didn’t go to work. MCONSI took inventory of all my possessions, my home (flat) included. Then sold the lot. Lock, stock and barrel. I was always told, never put all your eggs in one basket. But I like eggs. So one monster leap of faith. Purchased a modest little home outright in the Philippines. Took a while to integrate and be accepted by the locals….and now. I cook street food. Hours at my discretion doing something I absolutely love, in a beautiful climate and life at my pace. I’m not rich in money (you don’t need to be here), but I’m rich in life. Five years so far, and no end in sight yet (thankfully).

My 5 favourite tracks are:-

God and Satan by Biffy Clyro A song I love that is a little reminiscent of my life really. Ups, downs… Two sides to every story and the fact there are no miracles or right answers in life, just where your peace is.

Use Somebody by Kings of Leon The song of my lost love. I sacrificed her for my career. A vivid memory of song we both danced. They say you shouldn’t have regrets. That’s one!

Dangerous by Conroy Smith Just remember this from a boxing match involving Nigel “The Dark Destroyer” Benn. It was his walk in music. Had a copy of it ever since…Proper attitude Music!

Drink to much by UFO Now this song sums up the whole restaurant/catering industry. Long hours, Hardly worth going to bed sometimes. So Just find one of the many haunts in London and party till the next shift.

Pagbabago by Kandangyan Just some music from my adopted home. A Filipino tribal band meets Rock. Have seen them live. A bit of an acquired taste, But when in Rome.

Well that’s Mark choices. Please comment below. Better still comment below and tell me your short bio and 5 music choices. I will happily publish them. If you love Music. Show the love here!

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