Car Crash on the Desert Island

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Lee Jacobs will never be on Desert Island Discs! But his life is stunning in its lack of intensity or direction. His is a short story, of a short life so far. Everybody has a story, and his is amusing in a very black comedic way. Not a rags to riches story by any means. But certainly a story to be read as a cautionary tale.. A car crash on the desert island. So who is Lee Jacobs? Well this is his short bio, and 5 (I will never be on Desert Island discs) song choices.

Well, welcome to the tedium of my life to date. This is not to say that things won’t change. Its not to say I don’t have dreams and aspirations. But to date, my life at the age 30 is a bit of a car crash! Both personally and financially. I hold absolutely nobody responsible for these events other than myself. I am fully accountable for the many failures so far. So here goes:- Average family, average schooling. Passed some exams, failed others due to my sheer indifference to schooling. At 17 I became an apprentice bookkeeper. 2 weeks in ‘shoot me please’. So perhaps clerical wasn’t for me. Took up a carpentry apprenticeship. Numerous injuries and total inability for any precision led me to believe perhaps a craftsman’s trade wasn’t for me either. Now getting older apprenticeships weren’t an option. Bar work was the way forward. From bar to bar each for small increments in hourly rate. A Turkey packing factory, fruit picking, Early morning office cleaning, all further low lights. Building site labouring, 6 weeks of back breaking pain. Several commission only sales jobs (where I received little or no training). Also had stints at fast food outlets and shelf stacking at supermarkets. In between all this spent all I earned, had some wild times along the way. But to date that’s me.

….and My 5 favourite tracks are:-

House of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture Dance Music and Punk all rolled into one. Just one of those songs that in a period of time. You hear it everywhere, and in my mostly alcohol induced state of the time, always made me get up and dance (of sorts!)festivalx

Evil by Interpol I first see this song on video, and remembered it because it was so creepy. Bizarre song that I still don’t fully understand. But meanders along then explodes into life.

Pure Shores by All Saints From one of my favourite films ‘The Beach’ Super Sultry!

Run by Snow Patrol The most mind blowing anthem live. Festival Music at its absolute best. Chills, real hairs on the back of the neck stuff. Belted it out to the point of exhaustion.

Mad World By Gary Jules Notable in my mind as the most depressing Christmas song ever. Dressed up as poignant, and thought provoking. I just thought it was dull to the point of life ending.

Well that’s Lee’s choices. Please comment below. Better still comment below and tell me your short bio and 5 music choices. I will happily publish them. If you love Music. Show the love here!

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