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Feeling your brain shift with Music!

Brain shift is the moment when you feel that surge or rush of chemicals integrating with the neural pathways of the brain. That micro time lapse creating an altered state in your mind. This is the moment in time when peace, mindfulness, creation & motivation is reborn. Music can create that brain shift. If that brief tempter into the infinite possibilities that music can create within you as provoked your curiousity, then you can cut to the chase right here and just jump straight in.

A Brain Shift of Inspiration

If you want to delve a little deeper, lets continue…..If you have an interest in the therapeutic possibilities of music.brain shift, brain shift radio, music,music therapy, neuroscience Then I have discovered a real groundbreaker in terms of instant and readily available music therapy for you. If your wanting to explore a different and INSTANT self-therapy for the mind. That ISNT an elongated system or 500 page self help book. Then If your a person who just enjoys music on a surface level, and didn’t want to get overloaded with what’s good or bad, the technology, composition and theory. Then I can lay your mind at rest, because all music can resonate and create a brain shift with all people in all cultures. All music is good, if you enjoy it and it ticks your boxes…..Then don’t just submissively just listen let it entrain you, guide and inspire you. Want to test out the theory for free just click here.

A Brain Shift coach in your pocket

For me Music is a lifelong passion. So when I discovered its magic and neurological reach could lead to the most unexpected places and discoveries, both in my mind and in my world. I used it (and still do) as an ongoing daily therapy that I consciously and sub-consciously enjoy. There is no labour or sacrifice of time with music therapy. It floods your mind and your soul creating a brain shift, allowing rebalancing and positive endorphins to create a fresh mental state. We all get mentally stuck at random intervals in our life. brain shift, brain, brain shift radio, music therapy, positivity, wellbeing, mindfullness, peaceTo move past these sticky periods we need to refocus and regroup. You have the opportunity NOW to have your own personal music therapist in your pocket. Ready whenever you are to push, support or consolidate a feeling or goal. You can get that musical therapy RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Plus try it free for 30 Days.

Taking control of your Brain Shift

Its time to take control of your brain with Brain Shift Radio. Experience heightened focus, bask in a reduction of anxiety, Improve sleep patterns, Feel a surge in energy, and enhance your cognitive capabilities. Brain Shift technology is an interactive, personalized streaming radio programme. You can mix the rhythmic and ambient components of auditory brain stimulation and rhythmic entrainment to impact your brain in very specific and unique ways. Music can be used in very prescriptive ways, but here is a chance the fully enhance all the benefits of music in researched and proven ways. We can let choose the mix or you can mix your own therapy. Brain Shift Radio can and will take you where you want to go.

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Change your Brain Chemistry Happily and Naturally?

The answer to balancing your brain chemistry is the matter for catalogues upon reams of data and research. Why so much information? Because Brain Chemistry and its links to depression, and subsequently artificially creating a re-balance and reordering of neural transmissions are a matter for innumerate debate, opinion and pharmaceutical intervention.brain chemistry, happiness, relaxation Of course a blog post wont even scratch or blemish the surface of this subject. But the point I’m trying to illustrate here is that happiness and its polar opposite depression, have a direct and impacting effect on your life. Direct and impacting actually barely serves justice for the overwhelming importance of balanced, positive and happy brain chemistry.

Abundant Brain Chemistry

It is generally accepted that depression is the scourge of modern civilisation. It is generally believed and accepted that our brave new world is the harvester of the gloom and impending doom, that affects us all at some juncture in our lives. In Tribal communities in what we would presume as deprived or third world conditions in modern society, experience ridiculously low levels of stress, which are comparable to cultures and descendencies before rain forests of data where collated. In these circumstances of low levels of stress and depression, No synthetic interventions were available but brain chemistry was both balanced and abundant.

So we are the victims of our own evolution. This in itself is an entire encyclopaedia of discussion, even volumes. But lets just settle on the fact, that we have created this reality.brain chemistry, headphones, happiness, depression But if we revert and take historical leaves out of our ancestors books lets see if there is a non synthetic therapy for happiness, be it standalone or in a supportive role. Well there is!
It exists, Its alive and well and has in one form or another been with us since day dot. It not in tablet form, not oral suspension. No prescription is needed and its accessible to us all. Even if you are a tribal community, blissfully living grid free, you can manufacture your own medicine. Yes! you can re-wire your brain chemistry…..starting NOW! With Music. Yes that’s correct. MUSIC! I can almost sense the doubt and derision.

Test your Brain chemistry

But try this experiment. It will take approximately take ten minutes of your day. The benefit of this time investment can be euphoric, settling, joyous or just an altered state of brain chemistry that will adjust your perspective on the world. In an enhanced form, and as formulated and specific therapy. Lives can be changed! We can ALL benefit from this experiment and I both challenge and urge you to JUST TRY! The following 5 pieces of music I hope will create a broad spectrum to cater for a vast array of musical tastes. Hopefully one will trigger the necessary reaction.

1. Step out – Jose Gonzalez. A real feel ‘mother nature’ all around anthem. 2. Im Alive – Michael Franti and Spearhead. A happy joyous ‘Life is great’ whistler of a tune.brainwaves, brain chemistry, 3. Sweet Harmony – The Beloved. A reflective, soft harmony of love and mindfulness. 4. Anybody There – Rainbow A moody, atmospheric soul searcher from the rock/metal genre. Finally some rousing choral pomp on a classical theme 5. Anvil chorus – Guiseppe Verdi

What is of great importance and to maintain focus and lose yourself in the mental conjuring of your brain chemistry. Is to seek some solace. Be it by way of headphones, or a space where you can reflect and express the emotions and feelings that spill over during the process. If time permits, if a piece suits your neural mechanisms, repeat the process to reinforce your feelings. Beyond your consciousness the emotions evoked will embed themselves in your neural network and your brain chemistry has begun to change. By the conclusion of the process you will have a slightly altered awareness and change of perception. If you want to take the experience to the next level click here and subscribe.Alternatively leave your experiences, opinions or suggestions below. Happy Testing!

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Create Super Music Brainpower

Recent research on music and the brain shows that you can create super music brainpower. That is, if you listen to the right type of music, structured correctly can create a positive musical environment. With all this in place you can manufacture brain activity on tap.

What is the connection between music and the brain? Is it possible that music can help you think better? The research says yes, and after telling you about some of it, I’ll let you in on an even faster way to boost your brain power with music.

Music And The Brain – The Research

The research shows that music actually trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Listening to, and participating in music also creates new neural pathways in your brain that stimulate creativity. An article in a Newsweek reported on a study from the University of California.

In the study, researchers followed the progress of three-year-olds, split into two groups. The first group had no particular training in, or exposure to music. The second group studied piano and sang daily in chorus. After eight months the musical three-year-olds were much better at solving puzzles, and when tested, scored 80% higher in spatial intelligence than the non-musical group.

Brain Music

A study on music and the brain, done at UC Irvine’s Centre for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory involved 36 students. They were given three spatial reasoning tests on a standard IQ test.

Just before the first test, they listened to Mozart’s sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K. 448 for ten minutes.

Before the second test, they listened to a relaxation tape.

Before the third, they sat in silence.

The average scores for all 36 students: 1st test: 119. 2nd test: 111. 3rd test: 110.

That’s an average increase of 9 i.q points from listening to Mozart. It’s assumed that their intelligence didn’t increase, but that the music put them in a state that gave them better access to the resources of their brains. However, other studies do show that repeated exposure to slow music can permanently increase you IQ, so play that Mozart!

Brain Wave Entrainment

Your brain wave frequencies vary according to the state you are in. For example, daydreaming and meditation usually take place in the “Alpha” range of frequencies. Alert concentration is in the “Beta” range. “Brain wave entrainment” products have beats, usually embedded in music, that your brain starts to follow. This is how brainpower is nurtured.

mozartIf you listen to music containing beats at a frequency of 10 Hz (in the Alpha range) it will feel very relaxing. This is because your brain will begin to follow this frequency and reproduce the rhythm in the music. You’ll generate more brain waves at a 10 Hz frequency and enter a relaxed Alpha mental state. This is the idea behind brain wave entrainment.

This may be why some types of music have certain effects, but not all brain wave entrainment Cds use music. Some use the raw “binaural beats” as they are sometimes called, embedded in white noise, or in sounds of nature. (I have used these products and find them to be pretty powerful , especially the ones for relaxation.)

Whether you use “binaural beats,” or just pop a Mozart CD into the player, you can increase your brain power easily. Try it today. It is doubtful that Mozart will harm you, so why wait for more research to be done on music and the brain?

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Music is the universal answer

Even in layman’s terms, and the elimination of all science. Music is the answer to why we tap our fingers and our feet. We remember instantly a tune within a few bars, of something you heard years ago. See, it even triggers memory. It can move you physically and mentally. If it has a particular style of dance relating to it. Your body sub-conciously knows. Music is the universal answer.

Its almost magical!

So, in conclusion. Music elevates, calms, infact can control your whole mood. music quoteWith music’s mood-enhancing effects, you might be asking yourself, what’s the quick fix? “What’s the best music to listen to?” Now that is the £64,000 question.

It can promote anger, love, joy, despair, enlightenment. What is the soundtrack of your life now? What is the soundtrack of your life going to be?

This is a journey for you, for me and all of us to share. We can all take inspiration from each other. All our knowledge combined can open doors for others. Music is our universal right rich, poor or comfortable. Lets open our eyes to every source of inspiration that exists.

In studies, you will be glad to know that all kinds of music can improve your mood. all genres native American, inca panpipe, European classical composers, grunge, metal, R & B and pop and every culure, sub culture and genre inbetween.

In a noted study, results showed that students who listened to music, Any type of music, reported feeling more elevated, more joyful, optimistic, friendly, calm and relaxed.

While there will always be the somewhat typecast soothing genres, such as classical masterpieces by Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi, (and this is only scratching the surface of classical music alone) the research shows that even the angriest and most powerful of songs – such as metal and grunge can make you feel positive and alive. Whether you are into pop, new wave, soft rock or alternative genres, you can feel happy!

I can make you Happy, I can make you sad

As aforementioned Music has the almost irrestitable ability to mood alter. Good/bad…happy/sad Be forewarned, there is such a thing as “sad music.”  In one experiment, research subjects were separated into two groups.  One group listened to upbeat “happy” music while the other group listened to somber “sad” music.  The people who listened to the “happy” music felt happy afterwards.  The people who listened to “sad” music conversely felt sad.  But what was actually surprising was the change in thoughts after listening to music.  Those who listened to the sad music remembered more of the bad things that had happened during the course of their lives and had little confidence in their ability to complete simple tasks successfully.


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Music outlook therapy

music perception, music, mood


Music Outlook Therapy, is a term I use to shorten the premise that music can change your entire perception on life. Is there something in life, present or past that saddens you. Blackens your outlook on life. It doesn’t have to even be present in front of you.  It can make you feel down for the days, days turn into weeks, weeks turn  into months to come, especially if you let it grind into you, with no respite or intervention. But if you want to stick a firebreak into the surrounding flames and to enjoy a more positive view in life, then what you need to embrace music. In this day and age its instant restorative process is by your side. Use it! Numerous studies show that people enjoy a ‘happier’ perceptive on life when they listen to resonating music. Do you doubt me listen to “Händel Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus”. Full blast. Eliminate any religious connotation and feel your spirit sore!  So if you want to crush the rebellion of depression away, crank up the device and expect your perception to be changed for the better, and for the good.

Music and perception

Music and mood are closely interlinked. In very basic terms listening to a sad or happy song, can make you feel more sad or happy. Such swings in mood not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception. For example, people will see positivity and energy if they are feeling positive and energetic themselves. Music has tremendous advantages in instantly having a dramatic effect on perception. Even if there is nothing to see, people sometimes still see energy and positivity when they are listening to positive energetic music and vice versa lethargy and sadness when they are listening to dark self indulgent music. Music turns out to have a great influence on what you see. sonos, music perception, musicpsycheConscious perception is largely based on systematic processes. Your brain continuously compares and calculates the information that comes in through your eyes with what it anticipates on the basis of what you know about the world. Basically, visual experience is reality. However when you change your mood or perception with music, your brain builds up expectations of reality, not just on the basis of experience but on your mood as well.’

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