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Applied Music Psychology for Sport and Life

Applied music psychology can be used to aid achievement in sport, and laterally in everyday life. Its the key to unlocking the power of your .body and your mind. With scientifically proven techniques, You can utilize brain changing capability of music motivation and psychological principles to access, focus and stimulate a determined winning mentality. .applied music psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, flow, zone, musicpsycheWhether you are training for a specific physical goal or achievement, or just require the learning to boost your confidence and motivation at home, work or any sporting arena. Then a fusion of applied music psychology and Cognitive-behavioural therapy will provide the complete skill sets you need. If you want a more
in-depth understanding of mind management. It doesn’t get much better than this The Chimp Paradox: The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness

The Basic Psychology

So cognition and behaviour. This is critical. It is extensively documented that elite performers are shown to have engaged in methodical behavioural activities, specifically designed to improve their performance. The accumulation of this can manifest in excess 10,000 hours of mind and body cognition! The essential elements such as routine and repetitive successive refinement is a set in stone irreplaceable function. There are many speculative claims that exist, but this is the cornerstone of ALL mental and physical achievement, and cannot be bypassed. Although frequency and content of practice will differ from circumstance and circumstance, research fortifies the need for an optimal duration of practice, A maximum amount of daily practice, and a length of intense preparation. These are the basic mechanics of whatever you want to achieve spiritually, mentally or physically. The work, rest and play scenario.

Now….The Applied Music Psychology

Now the next paragraph may seem slightly contradictory in relation to the premise to the cornerstone of practice “cannot be bypassed”. However with applied music psychology, You are stimulating and amplifying neural energy. applied music psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, cognition, behaviour, exercise, run, music therapyIncreased brain activity is promoted by rhythm, beat, melody and vocal suggestion. It is similar to hypnotic trance, where a ambient and receptive environment is constructed and affirmative and positive suggestions are fed into your sub-conscious. This is where that notional 110% occurs. When you are performing at your perceived maximum, applied music psychology can enable you to find that ‘flow’ state.
Flow (also described as in the zone) is you experiencing a loss of self-consciousness and a sense of complete mastery of the performance. Flow can improve performance. Research has shown that flow can enhance performance in a wide ranging variety of areas including teaching, learning, sports, and creativity.

Why do you see highly successful and motivated athletes, adorning headphones.
They are already highly successful in there fields. Trained and honed to near perfection. Why do they need the crutch of music to shut them off from the world around them. Because they know how to sharpen and focus there competitive edge. They know how to legally flood there brain with 100% naturally occurring endorphins. This is given them a significant advantage over the pure practice, practice, practice model. Cognition, behaviour and applied music psychology can work for EVERYONE. Why shouldn’t it be you!

Again, this is a blogpost outlining the infinite possibility of fusing together of therapies to create the ‘flow’ in your life. If you want a comprehensive guide to managing and optimising your mind read this….The Chimp Paradox: The Acclaimed Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness