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Standing on the edge of a cliff!

Have you ever found yourself standing on the edge of cliff, either physically or theoretically? That moment in time where you question your viability in this world. I’m not seeking to glamourize or justify the recumbent feelings of self-worth.edge of a cliff, suicide Just wanting to explore that vulnerable emotion where the ‘shutdown’ switch becomes a realistic option, and how we singularly or as a society can assist in the elimination of the sheer debilitating isolation and the dark shroud of hopeless desperation. This is typified in today’s music ‘edge of a cliff’ by The Streets The song in question is actually of kindness and wisdom. A victory for charity and compassion over the darkest of all feelings.

The edge of a cliff has a massive population

It is important to note. You will not be the first person to feel exactly as you may at some point do. Numerous life circumstances can trigger the capitulation of the human spirit. Death, Loss, Money, loneliness to name but a few. Millions of people have had suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. Feeling suicidal is not a flaw in your character, and it doesn’t mean that you are mad, or weak, or unique. It only means that you are unable to process the amount of pain than you can individually cope with right now. The pain is to unimaginably high to scale. It is domineering and overwhelming and permanent at that juncture in your life. But with time and support, you can overcome your problems and the pain and suicidal feelings will pass. Listen to the premise of the music again here!
Taking the ‘edge of a cliff’ concept, The cliff is vast, and your location on it, is where your ability to internally manage the situation has hit the buffers. suicidal thoughts, edge of a cliffI however would state, and this with no medical qualification, that if you find yourself on that cliff physically or mentally. You have stepped beyond the realms of self management. This is the point where the wise man in the song should be sought for counsel. How do I know? well ive been on that cliff. Not the very edge! but certainly close enough to be talked down.

Music to listen to before the edge of a cliff is even an option

Music can assist to derail all manner of negative emotions, this being the most serious of all. Whilst it cant be relied upon solely, it can be used to reinforce the soul and spirit. It can give clarity and perspective. Nietzsche, edge of a cliff, suicideA song of fortitude and courage that instantly springs to mind is ‘So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. If it agitates the merest positive feeling, it can act as a catalyst for an entire new and positive outlook.

What are your songs or music of hope, compassion and fortitude. What music suppresses your doubts and negativity. Let us know here. There are many organisations for help, support and advice click here for a list.

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