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Feeling your brain shift with Music!

Brain shift is the moment when you feel that surge or rush of chemicals integrating with the neural pathways of the brain. That micro time lapse creating an altered state in your mind. This is the moment in time when peace, mindfulness, creation & motivation is reborn. Music can create that brain shift. If that brief tempter into the infinite possibilities that music can create within you as provoked your curiousity, then you can cut to the chase right here and just jump straight in.

A Brain Shift of Inspiration

If you want to delve a little deeper, lets continue…..If you have an interest in the therapeutic possibilities of music.brain shift, brain shift radio, music,music therapy, neuroscience Then I have discovered a real groundbreaker in terms of instant and readily available music therapy for you. If your wanting to explore a different and INSTANT self-therapy for the mind. That ISNT an elongated system or 500 page self help book. Then If your a person who just enjoys music on a surface level, and didn’t want to get overloaded with what’s good or bad, the technology, composition and theory. Then I can lay your mind at rest, because all music can resonate and create a brain shift with all people in all cultures. All music is good, if you enjoy it and it ticks your boxes…..Then don’t just submissively just listen let it entrain you, guide and inspire you. Want to test out the theory for free just click here.

A Brain Shift coach in your pocket

For me Music is a lifelong passion. So when I discovered its magic and neurological reach could lead to the most unexpected places and discoveries, both in my mind and in my world. I used it (and still do) as an ongoing daily therapy that I consciously and sub-consciously enjoy. There is no labour or sacrifice of time with music therapy. It floods your mind and your soul creating a brain shift, allowing rebalancing and positive endorphins to create a fresh mental state. We all get mentally stuck at random intervals in our life. brain shift, brain, brain shift radio, music therapy, positivity, wellbeing, mindfullness, peaceTo move past these sticky periods we need to refocus and regroup. You have the opportunity NOW to have your own personal music therapist in your pocket. Ready whenever you are to push, support or consolidate a feeling or goal. You can get that musical therapy RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Plus try it free for 30 Days.

Taking control of your Brain Shift

Its time to take control of your brain with Brain Shift Radio. Experience heightened focus, bask in a reduction of anxiety, Improve sleep patterns, Feel a surge in energy, and enhance your cognitive capabilities. Brain Shift technology is an interactive, personalized streaming radio programme. You can mix the rhythmic and ambient components of auditory brain stimulation and rhythmic entrainment to impact your brain in very specific and unique ways. Music can be used in very prescriptive ways, but here is a chance the fully enhance all the benefits of music in researched and proven ways. We can let choose the mix or you can mix your own therapy. Brain Shift Radio can and will take you where you want to go.

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Standing on the edge of a cliff!

Have you ever found yourself standing on the edge of cliff, either physically or theoretically? That moment in time where you question your viability in this world. I’m not seeking to glamourize or justify the recumbent feelings of self-worth.edge of a cliff, suicide Just wanting to explore that vulnerable emotion where the ‘shutdown’ switch becomes a realistic option, and how we singularly or as a society can assist in the elimination of the sheer debilitating isolation and the dark shroud of hopeless desperation. This is typified in today’s music ‘edge of a cliff’ by The Streets The song in question is actually of kindness and wisdom. A victory for charity and compassion over the darkest of all feelings.

The edge of a cliff has a massive population

It is important to note. You will not be the first person to feel exactly as you may at some point do. Numerous life circumstances can trigger the capitulation of the human spirit. Death, Loss, Money, loneliness to name but a few. Millions of people have had suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. Feeling suicidal is not a flaw in your character, and it doesn’t mean that you are mad, or weak, or unique. It only means that you are unable to process the amount of pain than you can individually cope with right now. The pain is to unimaginably high to scale. It is domineering and overwhelming and permanent at that juncture in your life. But with time and support, you can overcome your problems and the pain and suicidal feelings will pass. Listen to the premise of the music again here!
Taking the ‘edge of a cliff’ concept, The cliff is vast, and your location on it, is where your ability to internally manage the situation has hit the buffers. suicidal thoughts, edge of a cliffI however would state, and this with no medical qualification, that if you find yourself on that cliff physically or mentally. You have stepped beyond the realms of self management. This is the point where the wise man in the song should be sought for counsel. How do I know? well ive been on that cliff. Not the very edge! but certainly close enough to be talked down.

Music to listen to before the edge of a cliff is even an option

Music can assist to derail all manner of negative emotions, this being the most serious of all. Whilst it cant be relied upon solely, it can be used to reinforce the soul and spirit. It can give clarity and perspective. Nietzsche, edge of a cliff, suicideA song of fortitude and courage that instantly springs to mind is ‘So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. If it agitates the merest positive feeling, it can act as a catalyst for an entire new and positive outlook.

What are your songs or music of hope, compassion and fortitude. What music suppresses your doubts and negativity. Let us know here. There are many organisations for help, support and advice click here for a list.

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Searching for your Redemption

Whether you can find redemption in yourself, or you turn to your faith (that’s spiritual and totally non denominational), or you nestle in the belonging of your significant other. Searching for your redemption and closure from circumstance that has detrimentally become a part of you, is an integral/essential part of moving forward.

So the inward search for your emotionally supportive crutch, to assimilate some good and fair reason to supress or compartmentalise your past, allowing you to move on is robotically built into all of us. To seek help, solace or counsel isn’t a sign of weakness. It is more a sign of fortitude. In desperation, there is hope and out of pain will subsequently surface pleasure and joy.

Redemption the Samm Henshaw way

The song in question that evokes this soul probing is Redemption by Samm Henshaw. A grassy, earthy, soul ridden rasping tune. It is a whole journey through the darkest of times. redemption, Samm henshawThe scouring of his own soul to find worth and purpose. The allaying of his battered and bruised being. The negativity of doubt, fear, and fatigue of his life and his purpose. His last words, are of submission and request for recognition and forgiveness, so that he can move on.

The feeling of belonging and acceptance in all of us. There are that those that will protest fervently that they find security in solitude, and their sole dependency is within themselves. redemption, joyBack slapping gratitude and transversely outcry and condemnation are a matter for themselves. This though in certain goal driven dynamics is admirable, but also inhuman. Us humans are pack animals, social beings. We are programmed to belong

To quote a famous speech from The Great Dictator. “You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate, only the unloved hate. The unloved and the unnatural”. So the essence of this post is that no matter how bad times are, or wrong we have endured or caused we all need someone or something to lean on. Not necessarily advice or mentoring, just a redemptive process of acknowledgement. Life is hard, that’s the cold hard facts for everyone to a scale. Don’t be afraid to seek support.

What is your song of redemption? Your song of needing support? I can think of numerous tracks that fit this theme. What is yours?

Redemption is just one emotion

Is there music that you feel a pure emotional draw to. Think of this premise….Music can and does affect everyday of your life, whether directly in to your mind by choice, or subliminally in every walk of life. Music can be used positively to direct, cajole and alter your whole state of mind. In my forthcoming book ‘You cant hear the planes, If you live on the flightpath’…. I will seek to create an altered state of consciousness in which we can all use to strive and succeed.

Get rhythm for those new year blues!

So you are dragging yourself internally screaming through week one of a new year, and the human combustion engine is beginning to chug and misfire. Now is the time to get rhythm for those new year blues. It is the cornerstone and chemistry of what is all about.Party over, get rhythm, blues, country, musicpsyche Using music to create an altered state in your mind to propel you in whatever direction you need. In this scenario, Lets ringfence those midweek blues and with the sheer feelgood factor of some magical rhythm n’blues/country hybrid, get some dopamine pumping through your neural network.

Get rhythm, Country music isn’t all sad!

Well for a start the featured song, and inspiration for this post isn’t pure country Get rhythm – Ry Cooder. It’s got the blues, its got country and some lowdown whining gritty bluegrass for good measure. Combine this with some foot tapping, head dipping, a few hell yeahs and a few internal lasso sweeps and those clouds of blues are now blue skies. Its just catchy, simple, guitar plucking joyous melody. No frills, just knee slapping euphoria in a tune.

So pick yourself up, get rhythm and let’s go!

A couple of blasts of this bad boy, and you’ll be re-packaged and refreshed. No need for caffeine, sugar or any other artificial stimulants. You’ll just be flooding the old noggin with the good stuff, 100% natural endorphins!get rhythm, happy, positive, musicpsyche So whether its monotony, repetition, or just holiday season fallout. The mad scientific genius of music can re-focus your mind. There are an insurmountable number of reasons and out of your control influencers that can steer you down the blue road of life. But the cure to a recurring negative thought process is totally free, open all hours and yours at the merest touch of a play button. What is your dopamine charged happy positive anthem? Its always good to stack up your music armoury with new unaware of material. Let us know here.

Remember when the blues come Get rhythm, Get life!

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Scare away the dark

I love Music, in case you haven’t guessed! I listen, I envelope in myself in the whole auditorium of sound. I stand by my statement that musicians, songwriters and composers are scientific geniuses. They can manipulate emotion and states of mind. You can have an entire mood or neural dimension re-routed by one piece of music. My playlist would be reminiscent of a never-ending unravelling scroll. I love words. I love literature. My love is amplified when words are put to music, Or when music transcends words. Occasionally I come across Music that dead stops me in my tracks. This afternoon being one such occasion. A track by Passenger entitled “scare away the dark” Everyone has a life of light and shade. Unfortunately in modern life ‘shade’ is a predominant force. Us mere mortals are delicate souls, whether you choose to accept or deny that within your own psyche. But you can climb or fall. That’s the only choice we all have in reality. That’s why this song struck such an emotional chord with me. I’ve added the lyrics below, even read on there own with your own poetic licence, they should evoke a reassuring punch of resilience. For us all there are better times ahead. The destination is unmeasurable. But if you open your eyes, cast aside your darkness and broach the possible outcome, then giving this a little listen will reinforce your spirit. I assure you.

Scare away the Dark – Passenger

Well, sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Feel, feel like you still have a choice

If we all light up we can scare away the dark
We wish our weekdays away
Spend our weekends in bed
Drink ourselves stupid
And work ourselves dead
And all just because that’s what mom and dad said we should do

maxresdefaultWe should run through the forest
We should swim in the streams
We should laugh, we should cry,
We should love, we should dream
We should stare at the stars and not just the screens
You should hear what I’m saying and know what it means

To sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Feel, feel like you still have a choice
If we all light up we can scare away the dark

Well, we wish we were happier, thinner and fitter,
We wish we weren’t losers and liars and quitters
We want something more not just nasty and bitter
We want something real not just hash tags and Twitter

It’s the meaning of life and it’s streamed live on YouTube
But I bet Gangnam Style will still get more views
We’re scared of drowning, flying and shooters
But we’re all slowly dying in front of fucking computers

So sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Oh, love without fear in your heart.
Can you feel, feel like you still have a choice
If we all light up we can scare away the dark

The video is basically saying there is more a 9-5 mundane, repetitive job. But I’m sure the commercial appeal has sanitised this video. The lyrics and thoughts that lie beneath the veil of the video are truly inspirational. There is light. There is life. We just all have to find where it is. If you ever lose your way and are becoming dispirited. Use this song. Reinforce the positive pathways in your mind. If your interested in the technicalities of how music can change your world you can read more here.

Float with Music

We are all susceptible to a loss of relaxation time in our lives and work-related stresses take over. The whole sphere of down emotions making you feel sad and anxious. Relaxation is necessary and vital. Music can lift you, so why no ease the stresses of the day away and float with Music. We seek to illustrate how the mad science of music can take to you a place of serenity, peace and calmness. Music can caress you into a meditative state, It is scientifically recognized that this state boosts your GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) it is one of the major inhibitory neurotransmitters in your central nervous system. music, peace, relaxationIt‘s greatest power is in stabilizing mood disorders. Anxiety, tension, insomnia, can occur when the brain produces inadequate levels of GABA. A great way to eleviate the tensions that darken your day, and find relaxation is to listen to music. Soothing tunes can help relax your mind and muscles, as well as slow down your breathing and heart rates. Try Enya – Caribbean Blue or for the younger amongst us “Kinobe – Slip Into Something More Comfortable” and the more cultured “Cavatina  – John Williams”. These can bring staggering physiologic changes, you can instantly eliminate the stresses and strains that can make you inwardly destructive and unrewarded.

Find your relaxation Music

Sounds of your island paradise, soft rain, or classical music help people to get lost in the sounds and waves of music and forget about the stress of the day, and what follows is the magnificent state of relaxation.

When you listen to music in a relaxed state, your brain and body begin to dissipate the tension that has developed and grown throughout the day.sonos, music, relaxation The music puts your mind at ease, and it is a great way to get your muscles to finally succumb and relax. Helpful, calm music has been shown to decrease anxiety and stress in children and adults. It has also helped to support lower blood pressure, decrease frustration and increase one’s attention span and general positive outlook. There are so many health benefits to music, so you have to find a way to make it a part of your daily life if you want to be less stressed and happier.

Click Here to Download: Caribbean Blue by Enya Click Here to Download: Caribbean Blue by Enya
Click Here to Download: Slip into something more Comfortable by Kinobe
Click here to Download: Cavatina by John Williams

Click Here to Download: Slip into something more Comfortable by Kinobe
Click here to Download: Cavatina by John Williams

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Nerve Jangling Music

So why does the music move you? Why does music manipulate your neural system? How do artists and composers create nerve jangling music? Music and Songs are littered with generalized positive messages, and the euphoric rising and pounding of sound, and some of my personal favourites include “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” by Michael Franti and “Change gonna come” by Sam Cooke and classically “Mars” by Gustav Holst are filled with inspirational meanings and in the classical case, rumbling resonance. music move you, dance, msicThey can grab you and drag you upwards screaming, totally uplifting your mood. The messages and emotions that are embedded in such songs. plus the euphoria that comes with belting out these tunes, in your very own unique style – can motivate you to get up , stay up, and try again. Throw a little air guitaring and finger drumming or just dancing and just multiply the effect.

Need a pocket therapist?….So if your having a mood dip, take five….play it loud, sing it proud, let the music move you and your be back in the game before you know it!

Whenever the continual life struggle has you on the ropes, listening (preferably singing) to “My Way” or “That’s life” both sung at the top of your lungs can give you the power and motivation to renew and get some fresh perspective.

Let the music move you

So why does the music move you? For centuries music has been a constituent component for movement in dances, events, ceremonies and celebrations. milk1-CustomIt makes perfect sense! Rhythm perception alone accesses multiple areas of our brain, almost all of the same areas are used to process motor movements. Think of our biological blueprint and how constant and flowing rhythm is on a day to day basis. Heartbeats, breathing, stepping and arm swinging while we walk. All of these processes are without anything external being input, so when we add music with a resonate strong beat the structure and rhythm of potential movement is only heightened. Rhythm perception is not about individual beats, but about a pattern as a whole that becomes highly predictable instantaneously. Our bodies can synchronise to the rhythm, or in other words become as one with it, which helps prime, coherse and coordinate subsequent movements. We are literally biomechanically wired for music to move us!
To Download: I’m Alive by Michael Franti Click Here
To Download: Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke Click Here
To Download: Mars by Gustav Holst Click Here
To Download: My Way by Frank Sinatra
To Download: That’s Life by Frank Sinatra Click Here

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Musical Mood adjustment that turns that frown upside down

Musical Mood adjustment is both simple and complexly scientific. In a more colloquial way, Music turns that frown upside down Taking it right back to the drawing board and the baseline. When you are feeling down and blue, give you clarity – literally. When life is hectic and overwhelming, Music can give you peace and serenity. Here are a few examples of how music can help improve your mood.

Mood adjustment with Music, Sad to Glad in minutes

Due to our physical makeup when we feel sad or lonely or just depressed we listen to sad, reflective music to reinforce our feelings. It is a companionship stradegy that your not alone in feeling the way you do. This in itself is not an entirely bad or disruptive feeling.piano,sad,happy,music therapy, mood adjustment with music It’s representative of a grieving process to a greater or lesser extent. When the time comes, mood adjustment with music will create a mindset that will be affected by upbeat music, and it comes as no surprise why it is a viable and instant solution for people feeling down. For hundreds of years, music has made a lot of individuals and communities joyously happy. That’s because soothing tunes harness the release of serotonin, a hormone that generates happiness and a general sense of well-being. In addition it floods the body with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that enhances the feeling of well being. Music also lines the path for the release of norepinephrine, a hormone that brings about feelings of euphoria and elation and joy.

Anti-depressant medications create the Happiness chemical reaction artificially. You with the assistance of  Music alone can assist the release of hormones that flood the body with happy thoughts. So put the pills away. Listen, feel, appreciate and let the Music create the blueprint for the soundtrack of your life.

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