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Change your Brain Chemistry Happily and Naturally?

The answer to balancing your brain chemistry is the matter for catalogues upon reams of data and research. Why so much information? Because Brain Chemistry and its links to depression, and subsequently artificially creating a re-balance and reordering of neural transmissions are a matter for innumerate debate, opinion and pharmaceutical intervention.brain chemistry, happiness, relaxation Of course a blog post wont even scratch or blemish the surface of this subject. But the point I’m trying to illustrate here is that happiness and its polar opposite depression, have a direct and impacting effect on your life. Direct and impacting actually barely serves justice for the overwhelming importance of balanced, positive and happy brain chemistry.

Abundant Brain Chemistry

It is generally accepted that depression is the scourge of modern civilisation. It is generally believed and accepted that our brave new world is the harvester of the gloom and impending doom, that affects us all at some juncture in our lives. In Tribal communities in what we would presume as deprived or third world conditions in modern society, experience ridiculously low levels of stress, which are comparable to cultures and descendencies before rain forests of data where collated. In these circumstances of low levels of stress and depression, No synthetic interventions were available but brain chemistry was both balanced and abundant.

So we are the victims of our own evolution. This in itself is an entire encyclopaedia of discussion, even volumes. But lets just settle on the fact, that we have created this reality.brain chemistry, headphones, happiness, depression But if we revert and take historical leaves out of our ancestors books lets see if there is a non synthetic therapy for happiness, be it standalone or in a supportive role. Well there is!
It exists, Its alive and well and has in one form or another been with us since day dot. It not in tablet form, not oral suspension. No prescription is needed and its accessible to us all. Even if you are a tribal community, blissfully living grid free, you can manufacture your own medicine. Yes! you can re-wire your brain chemistry…..starting NOW! With Music. Yes that’s correct. MUSIC! I can almost sense the doubt and derision.

Test your Brain chemistry

But try this experiment. It will take approximately take ten minutes of your day. The benefit of this time investment can be euphoric, settling, joyous or just an altered state of brain chemistry that will adjust your perspective on the world. In an enhanced form, and as formulated and specific therapy. Lives can be changed! We can ALL benefit from this experiment and I both challenge and urge you to JUST TRY! The following 5 pieces of music I hope will create a broad spectrum to cater for a vast array of musical tastes. Hopefully one will trigger the necessary reaction.

1. Step out – Jose Gonzalez. A real feel ‘mother nature’ all around anthem. 2. Im Alive – Michael Franti and Spearhead. A happy joyous ‘Life is great’ whistler of a tune.brainwaves, brain chemistry, 3. Sweet Harmony – The Beloved. A reflective, soft harmony of love and mindfulness. 4. Anybody There – Rainbow A moody, atmospheric soul searcher from the rock/metal genre. Finally some rousing choral pomp on a classical theme 5. Anvil chorus – Guiseppe Verdi

What is of great importance and to maintain focus and lose yourself in the mental conjuring of your brain chemistry. Is to seek some solace. Be it by way of headphones, or a space where you can reflect and express the emotions and feelings that spill over during the process. If time permits, if a piece suits your neural mechanisms, repeat the process to reinforce your feelings. Beyond your consciousness the emotions evoked will embed themselves in your neural network and your brain chemistry has begun to change. By the conclusion of the process you will have a slightly altered awareness and change of perception. If you want to take the experience to the next level click here and subscribe.Alternatively leave your experiences, opinions or suggestions below. Happy Testing!

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Charity versus Abundance is perverse at best!

Charity versus Abundance. That’s the conundrum, yet simplistic premise we will explore here. Abundance by its very dictionary definition is, the situation in which there is more than enough of something: So what is the something? Well Its food, shelter and healthcare. The basics of humanity. But millions of people are dependant on these needs being met by gifts of generosity , not necessity when resources clearly exist That is the strange charity versus abundance dilemma.

There is enough food to feed the world. The world produces 17% more food per person today than 30 years ago. But close to a billion people go to sleep hungry every night. That’s the food aspect conclusively highlighted. So now lets look at shelter. According to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, there is an estimated 100 million homeless people versus abundance, charity, abundance, hunger, healthcare, wealth, moneyThis is a startling statistic when you consider how affluent some parts of the world are. There is ample food production and ample resources for shelter. So lets close this factual triangle of human needs against clear surplus by adding healthcare into the melting pot. As I write, over 1/3 of the world population does not have access to the medicines essential to their health and survival. A famous quote encompasses this perfectly ‘The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed’. -Mahatma Gandhi — The music to accompany this blogpost and to support this quote is ‘Every Little thing’ by Peter Doran.

It is therefore clear that our planet is abundant in both food and resources. These resources are as is widely known being aggressively depleted. But as of this moment in time they exist. However in order to disperse these most rudimentary of needs, we need money. So is there an abundance of wealth in the world to facilitate this requirement. Simple answer, Yes! The richest 1% now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined, according to Oxfam. So by no great calculus, evenly distributed. Whether abundance exists or just adequacy, The wealth is there.

Charity versus Abundance

So lets pass a cursory eye over charity. In its purest form charity is the benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity. Generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering and aid given to those in need. Well there is a plethora of ‘good causes’ that I can recall from memory, more likely a multitude though! But the key and most troubling term in that whole definition is voluntarily. In every crevice and corner of this planet there lies a cause. But why are we dependant on the generosity of a miniscule proportion of mankind so that we can all receive the most basic of care.

So lets drag ourselves back kicking and screaming to the opening exchange. The deeply unequal equation of Charity versus Abundance. I Am either naïve, or just clinging on to the romantic notion, that we all deserve the bare bones of humanitarian care. If abundance outweighs need. Then why does charity even exist. Its an oxymoron of global proportion. It is painfully evident that the battle of charity versus abundance is perversely one sided.

Every little thing you think that you need

So why was the scribing of this post particularly prevalent now, When there is always loss, desolation, depravation and fear existing in every walk of life versus abundance, every little thing, peter doranWell I live on an virtual intravenous drip of music every single day of my existence. Its my lifeforce if you like. I can draw emotion, purpose and understanding in every aspect of my life from it. The music that inspired this post was no epic ‘earth song’, no triumphant ‘feed the world’. Its a little acoustic ditty about what you have is enough, and what you want is not necessarily what you need. Its a beautiful basic song suitably repetitive in verse and chorus, that just pokes the neurons into a deliberative state. ‘Every Little thing’ by Peter Doran. Dwell on the song a while. It applies to most of us.

What music spikes your philosophical musings. Music that taps deep into your psyche, and makes images and memories flash from your sub-conscious to this moment it time. We’d love to know?

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Searching for your Redemption

Whether you can find redemption in yourself, or you turn to your faith (that’s spiritual and totally non denominational), or you nestle in the belonging of your significant other. Searching for your redemption and closure from circumstance that has detrimentally become a part of you, is an integral/essential part of moving forward.

So the inward search for your emotionally supportive crutch, to assimilate some good and fair reason to supress or compartmentalise your past, allowing you to move on is robotically built into all of us. To seek help, solace or counsel isn’t a sign of weakness. It is more a sign of fortitude. In desperation, there is hope and out of pain will subsequently surface pleasure and joy.

Redemption the Samm Henshaw way

The song in question that evokes this soul probing is Redemption by Samm Henshaw. A grassy, earthy, soul ridden rasping tune. It is a whole journey through the darkest of times. redemption, Samm henshawThe scouring of his own soul to find worth and purpose. The allaying of his battered and bruised being. The negativity of doubt, fear, and fatigue of his life and his purpose. His last words, are of submission and request for recognition and forgiveness, so that he can move on.

The feeling of belonging and acceptance in all of us. There are that those that will protest fervently that they find security in solitude, and their sole dependency is within themselves. redemption, joyBack slapping gratitude and transversely outcry and condemnation are a matter for themselves. This though in certain goal driven dynamics is admirable, but also inhuman. Us humans are pack animals, social beings. We are programmed to belong

To quote a famous speech from The Great Dictator. “You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate, only the unloved hate. The unloved and the unnatural”. So the essence of this post is that no matter how bad times are, or wrong we have endured or caused we all need someone or something to lean on. Not necessarily advice or mentoring, just a redemptive process of acknowledgement. Life is hard, that’s the cold hard facts for everyone to a scale. Don’t be afraid to seek support.

What is your song of redemption? Your song of needing support? I can think of numerous tracks that fit this theme. What is yours?

Redemption is just one emotion

Is there music that you feel a pure emotional draw to. Think of this premise….Music can and does affect everyday of your life, whether directly in to your mind by choice, or subliminally in every walk of life. Music can be used positively to direct, cajole and alter your whole state of mind. In my forthcoming book ‘You cant hear the planes, If you live on the flightpath’…. I will seek to create an altered state of consciousness in which we can all use to strive and succeed.

A Beans on toast approach to the world!

Well, I would of never thought a burnt piece of bread with some haricot beans covered in salt and sugar rich tomato sauce would make me think(I.e beans on toast) yeah… that’s real life. In fairness. I knew that already… that is, that we are all indoctrinated into believing stock market crashes and falls. High interest rates, low interest rates. The country in deficit.robin hood, robin hood costume, beans on toast Austerity is required. News people. ‘ITS ALL BOLLOCKS’ it doesn’t actually exist. YOUR government is rich. It is rich beyond figures you can imagine. Look at Greece… borrow, borrow and borrow some more! Are they ever going to pay that back…..eeeeeerrr! Nope! Will Greece fall and become the ashes of Europe? that’s also Nope! If they choose to subject their citizens to tax cuts, benefit cuts etc….. its because its a paper exercise…. Lets jump to the middle east, or third world Africa.. Choose you country, any one you like….Are your parliamentarians suffering from the cuts and suffering….eerrr Nope!
But lets change tact completely….oil giants (insert preferred choice here)….profits down to a noiminal $37 billion, crude oil down 25% per barrel…. job cuts are inevitable! REALLY! job cuts on $37 billion? Why, are those CEO’s not quite not rich enough, that the proles have to lose their jobs…..??? A Person who I trust in this matter more than any other is James Altulcher…read this post, his far more qualified than me to speak.

Beans on toast

So we finally get to the song that’s the ignition behind this boiling point of a blogpost (rant).
A folk singer under the pseudonym of Beans on Toast,beans on toast, rolling up the hill rolling up the hill” width=”300″ height=”107″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-433″ />Very raw, very uncompromising, but very to the point….well worth a listen if you like violently strummed acoustic guitar and a real souly harmonica. The track in question is Robin hood costume. The taking from the rich to give to the poor rhetoric. Is it deeply socialist of me? no, not really its just fair. You , me and all of us are being conned, kept down and subjugated! I’ve used the following quote before but it deserves a second airing:- Osho said “No society wants you to be wise, It is against the investment of all societies”

….and for desert

As a supporting good read, I really became engrossed in Revolution by Russell Brand. Now you can question his motives and financial funding,revolution, russel brand but the premise is good. It’s conclusion, is the utopian ideal of equality. Which will never happen, because sadly we are all enveloped into the gerbil wheel of finance and economy. But it’s a good fairytale.

Well rant over…. but what is your rebellion song, your revolution song or just a plain f**k you song? let us know!

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Fight song yourself to a better place!

If you’re pissed off. You want to blow off steam, maybe even break something. Then Fight song yourself to a better place. Sometimes you’re not looking to calm down just yet; you want to fuel the fire. This song is guaranteed to do just that. It’ll help your blood reach its boiling point. Because regardless of all the health, medical and spiritual advice spiralling in the ether, anger is a human emotion like it or not.

Use the following diatribe as recognition that why hate and anger is indeed destructive, and arguably potentially wounding to no other than yourself. It is also the polar opposite to Peace and Harmony. marilyn manson, fight song, anger, societyA popular script is to truly appreciate the good times, you would of had to experience the bad. So in this parallel to enjoy peace, you have to experience anger. So Let it all out to everyone that’s ever f**cked you off Fight Song by Marylin Manson.

Society Breeds hate

Well indeed it does, No hatred, anger or frustration would exist if it were not product of the world around us. What is your boiling point? Is it money, Is it prejudice or intolerance. Maybe it is the ineptitude of nothing more than simplistic human failing, that in your own eyes is tantamount
to hearecy itself.osha, society Osho said “No society wants you to be wise, It is against the investment of all societies” So you become subjugated, Suppressed by systems, taxes, governments. Fortunately a few amongst us rise against such human injustice. These people were angry once. When the anger has subsided, then rationality and purpose are born out of rage. But to find that talisman anger is a significant part of that journey. In the song in question the battle cry is “I’m not a slave to a God that doesn’t exist, But I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a s**t”. Its just a step into what is reality for the vast and overwhelming majority of the worlds population. If your gonna get angry, may as well pick a big target.

Angry sportsman can be wrong

Anger isn’t all bad. Sports psychology will concur power, strength, determination and sheer will to conquer fellow man in the form of music will add fervour to the battle ahead. Sir Clive Woodward played “lose Yourself” by Eminem to his England Rugby team before a World Cup final, to hammer home the last chance saloon symphony.Stand or fall, live or die trying mindset.lewis moody, moody, mad dog, england,rugby If I recall correctly and with much fondness I believe England won that world cup. Was it because of a song? What science can ever ascertain such a fact or degree of importance. But one thing is for certain, a little measured anger didn’t hurt now did it!

So If its a Fight Song, An anger Song or just a letting off steam song. Because its healthier to let it out than blow a gasket letting it rumble unattended inside. What’s your go to f**k you song. I’m convinced we all have them, no matter how fervently you may deny it so what’s it to be?

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Get rhythm for those new year blues!

So you are dragging yourself internally screaming through week one of a new year, and the human combustion engine is beginning to chug and misfire. Now is the time to get rhythm for those new year blues. It is the cornerstone and chemistry of what is all about.Party over, get rhythm, blues, country, musicpsyche Using music to create an altered state in your mind to propel you in whatever direction you need. In this scenario, Lets ringfence those midweek blues and with the sheer feelgood factor of some magical rhythm n’blues/country hybrid, get some dopamine pumping through your neural network.

Get rhythm, Country music isn’t all sad!

Well for a start the featured song, and inspiration for this post isn’t pure country Get rhythm – Ry Cooder. It’s got the blues, its got country and some lowdown whining gritty bluegrass for good measure. Combine this with some foot tapping, head dipping, a few hell yeahs and a few internal lasso sweeps and those clouds of blues are now blue skies. Its just catchy, simple, guitar plucking joyous melody. No frills, just knee slapping euphoria in a tune.

So pick yourself up, get rhythm and let’s go!

A couple of blasts of this bad boy, and you’ll be re-packaged and refreshed. No need for caffeine, sugar or any other artificial stimulants. You’ll just be flooding the old noggin with the good stuff, 100% natural endorphins!get rhythm, happy, positive, musicpsyche So whether its monotony, repetition, or just holiday season fallout. The mad scientific genius of music can re-focus your mind. There are an insurmountable number of reasons and out of your control influencers that can steer you down the blue road of life. But the cure to a recurring negative thought process is totally free, open all hours and yours at the merest touch of a play button. What is your dopamine charged happy positive anthem? Its always good to stack up your music armoury with new unaware of material. Let us know here.

Remember when the blues come Get rhythm, Get life!

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New Year’s Let it be Words of Wisdom

Well its that time of year again, Another year gone, another starts. So let’s have some New year’s let it be words of wisdom. Let it be! Get your pencil sharpened, your eraser even readier, and lets start that list of resolutions. Or, lets not! There are hundreds if not thousands of resolution and positivity monkeys out there. Ready and willing to peddle you their wares, their systems their formulas for new year success. But I’m going to attack this subject from a very conciliatory, base camp kind of angle.

Lets start by stating for the record, clearly and concisely that the 31st January (or wherever your denomination chooses to allocate new year.0e660feddc59f6951e23d1fc7bad75f4 Its a con, a roués, A commercial fall frontal attack on the relevance of one day, to generate more income. It matters not a jot. The day you call time on the past and move on to whatever your venture or calling is, is whatever day you want it to be.

So your hopes and aspirations are no the content of this post. The core subject matter is drawing a line from where you are now. Parcelling up what has gone, understanding and accepting that how you revise, repair of even disregard it. It will never be as it was. I’m not for a single second belittling or simplifying the dereliction of your past. But highlighting the basic human need to move forward with purpose, and without energy sapping baggage.

Your past is your past. This post is a considerably heartfelt wrench through my own social history. So rest assured I write from pure experience. Not from re-purposed content. Not from trolling through hectares of self-help dirge.

So given the fact a date has no relevance. Why now! Some would say a bit hypocritical. Some, are more than welcome to their opinion. But as always a song I heard over this period of time brought this outpouring of emotion to light. But that is only one third of the story. Two thirds of this post have its roots in movies, and fictitious ones at that!

The first is Love Actually. The scene is of unrequited impossible love that exists in one but not the other protagonist. Its that moment of release and unburdening of your feelings, that allow you to move on. 6f83cc2d94898871a32cd857b109bea5The context of the scene is One man’s love, for another’s wife. But the salient point is I’ve bared my soul. I can do no more. Its time to move on.

“Enough now. Enough”.

The second is a little known film called ‘Star Wars-The Force Awakens’. Before the scoffing starts. No, I’m not perched over my keyboard dressed as a stormtrooper, neither is my light sabre at hand. Maz_Kanata_VDIn fact it is Sentence or to that is so pinpoint accurate its quite significant and self propelling.

“The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is in front of you”.

You can tinker, reprise, repair or disregard what has gone before. But you CAN’T change it. It is scientifically impossible. So call an end to it. There are probably endless metaphors to encompass this. But this seems pretty apt “mental baggage slows you down”.
So to the Music. The track that hopefully compels you to re-evaluate, re-organise or just plain old brush the ghosts of the past away, allowing you to tread the boards of you own onward stage. “Let it be” “>>by The Beatles. Its anthemic, It’s spiritual, its rousing….in short a true Classic. The two verses that really pull my dampened heart strings are the following:-


“..and when all the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be

For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be”

There it is. Hope, faith and forward momentum. Please excuse the religious denomination of ‘Mother Mary’. Just replace that with your own inner strength, your person to lean on, or religious icon of your choice. This song is for everyone.

In my opening foray. I did somewhat unfairly deride the anti-procrastination, positivity brigade. But in fairness amongst the charlatans and hawkers there is truth and there is gold in them there hills. You can not achieve anything without effort or determination. So dump the saddle bags of the past and move on.

It may well be new years eve at midnight of any random significant juncture in your life. But as Les Brown, a highly credible self motivator states:-

“Find out what it is you want, and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does,”

So have a happy significant year, and lifetime when ever you choose to start. Take it from embittered personal experience. Its not easy. But it is ultimately necessary.

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Musical Mood adjustment that turns that frown upside down

Musical Mood adjustment is both simple and complexly scientific. In a more colloquial way, Music turns that frown upside down Taking it right back to the drawing board and the baseline. When you are feeling down and blue, give you clarity – literally. When life is hectic and overwhelming, Music can give you peace and serenity. Here are a few examples of how music can help improve your mood.

Mood adjustment with Music, Sad to Glad in minutes

Due to our physical makeup when we feel sad or lonely or just depressed we listen to sad, reflective music to reinforce our feelings. It is a companionship stradegy that your not alone in feeling the way you do. This in itself is not an entirely bad or disruptive feeling.piano,sad,happy,music therapy, mood adjustment with music It’s representative of a grieving process to a greater or lesser extent. When the time comes, mood adjustment with music will create a mindset that will be affected by upbeat music, and it comes as no surprise why it is a viable and instant solution for people feeling down. For hundreds of years, music has made a lot of individuals and communities joyously happy. That’s because soothing tunes harness the release of serotonin, a hormone that generates happiness and a general sense of well-being. In addition it floods the body with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that enhances the feeling of well being. Music also lines the path for the release of norepinephrine, a hormone that brings about feelings of euphoria and elation and joy.

Anti-depressant medications create the Happiness chemical reaction artificially. You with the assistance of  Music alone can assist the release of hormones that flood the body with happy thoughts. So put the pills away. Listen, feel, appreciate and let the Music create the blueprint for the soundtrack of your life.

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