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Brain interference with music

Music can change your brainwaves, Music does not only change your present disposition, and it can alter your future mood as well. We are all running brain interference with music, and you probably don’t even realise. Music(meaningful to you) will leave an imprint its own DNA on your brainwaves. If certain music has affected your mood. the brain remembers this.  Even if you turn that gadget off, the music that you just listened to can significantly change your brain waves and created an indent so it can be recalled time and time again.. That means a positive mood for the hours (even days) to come. Reinforce that track routinely, it can boost your future indefinitely.

These are the basics, this will really help you when you’re understanding how sound affects your brain. Your brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, and your neurons use electricity to communicate with each other.Music,brain waves As you can imagine, these millions of neurons sending communicative signals all at once produces an enormous amount of electrical activity in your brain. This can actually be detected using medical equipment like an electroencephalography (EEG), which calculates the electricity levels over areas of your scalp.

How music can change your brainwaves, the science

There are four categories of brain wave patterns, Alpha, Beta, Theta and delta.

Most of us mainly live our lives in a state of primarily beta brain waves, These brain waves create an aroused, alert, concentrated, but also somewhat stressed state of mind.

If we can achieve a lower brain wave frequency, alpha, we can transform ourselves in an ideal condition to absorb new information, enabling us to perform more advanced tasks e.g learn languages, solve complex situations and even be in the sports psychological term call “The Zone”, which is a state of enhanced focus and performance in sports competitions or exercise. In part this is because having slightly decreased electrical activity in the brain can lead to significant increases in feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins, norepinephrine and, music brainwaves

Music can manipulate all these brain wave activities, and bring you massive therapeutic benefits.

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