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Christmas is such a crappy concept!

Where to begin with Christmas? Is it religious, or some conjugated commercial fraud? They seem to be the extremes and bedrocks of the argument, and counter argument. Which is why Modern Christmas is such a crappy concept! Now if religious text is to be believed, and Jesus Christ our saviour was born. Thus setting the wheels in motion of giving gifts in praise and honour of the lord. maxresdefault (3)_623x715Fair enough! But no proof exists of this, well apart from beliefs, doctrines and stories. But no proof really, just faith. But for all those that buy into the most widely read story of all time (especially in western culture), All power to you. If you truly believe this, then who am I to cast doubt upon your aspersion.

But in fairness lets look at what Christmas really is in modern day culture. A whole mismatch and correlation of dysfunctional families (and friends) that are forced upon each other to celebrate the yule tide by exchanging unwanted and un-needed gifts that waiver in value to the worthiness (in your eyes) of the recipient. Tolerance is the overriding theme of such a joyous occasion, Where we stretch ligaments and tendons to their limits to accommodate the various cornucopia of personality clashes.

Lets break it down shall we, a Christmas tree! Where was that in the scriptures. Well it wasn’t. Not even the most devout’ would lay claim that Jesus himself had any association, allegiance or commercial venture with the cultivation of the Fir tree Industry. Nobody is really sure when Fir trees were first used as Christmas trees. It probably began about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe, and is fairly safe to assume
that it has no direct incantation with the (allegedly) true meaning of Christmas. In the U.S alone Christmas tree sales represent over 1 billion dollars. Far cry from a manger and 3 wise men.

A step further forward, and I’m no vegetarian. But to quote George Orwell’s Animal farm ” all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”Try telling that to the Turkey. Well obviously conjecture will exist to when and why the Turkey represents Christmas, but a popular theory is that HenryVIII started the tradition. Again not a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. In addition and apart from beheading wives. He Invented A religion to suit his own criteria. So perhaps not overly endowed in (manufactured) Christmas spirit.

This little potted history, brings me neatly to the music that inspired this jovial jibe at the commercial tomfoolery and nonsense that is Christmas Corey Taylor – X-M@$. Yes Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame. Admittedly not someone immediately synonymous with the season of good will. corey taylor xmasBut raises some very pertinent points, that we all financially and emotionally support, that are a fair few million miles away from Bethlehem. Lets take a few. “If I ain’t drunk, then it aint Christmas”. Even if you are complicit in being a little merry or tipsy through alcohol (or other substances) alone, during the festive period. Shame on you….Frankincense, gold and myrrh where the gifts. No presence of a JD & Coke anywhere.

Now this song is a tirade, a rant and unashamedly full of expletives. But there is a point. This is the salient part. Maybe its the sobering part, because Christmas is as intrinsically linked to alcohol and over consumption as it is to Christmas Trees and Turkeys.

A further line of scripture from said song is “I think collectively as a people, should rise against this corporate jolly noise, Lets buy some peace and quiet for a change, before we spend it all on f**king toys”

Christmas is corporate, it is commercial. A church that advertises a service of Midnight Mass is buying into the economic culture. lady_begging_outside_church_by_abadalweb-d2bqiikThere is poverty, Starvation, Torture, Cruelty throughout the world, and lets not forget the plain old sad and lonely during this time. In direct opposition A scalable idea of the retail boom of Christmas gifts, is indicated by 13 Billion pounds by Amazon alone. Now I’m not Bob Geldof. I’m not banging my ‘Feed the world’ drum, or rolling my needy causes bandwagon right through your computer screen. But be honest people. If you want a jolly up through a synthetic period of time known as ‘Christmas’ (even though it bares no resemblance to its own original tenuous routes) then all power to you.

If in contrast you take a solemn religious overview of this time, I absolutely respect your beliefs and religious leanings.

But churches and religions are as morally bereft of social conscience, as are corporate money swelling giants. this-beautiful-random-act-of-kindness-was-photographed-give-this-awesome-guy-a-like-for-caring-600x390So try to abolish from this time in whatever measure you see fit, these 3 words. GREED, GLUTONY & SELFISHNESS. “Have a nice day” & “How are you” are as precious and enveloping as any infantile gesture tainted with ‘Merry Christmas’……and don’t even get me started on ‘Happy New Year”!! What’s so significant about the 31st January, or Jewish new year, or Chinese new year. Its a day, a number gives it no significance whatsoever.

Just be nice, spread some joy and love (with or without) the Christmas prefix, It doesn’t even have to be money orientated!…..Happy end of December everyone!

If you have any comments, please add them below. If you have a favourite song or playlist you wish to share. I will share it with everyone I can. At no cost to you…..My December gift.

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Is Music your Happy place?

Is Music your happy place? A happy mood and music is almost a natural occurring phenomenon. The appropriate music can instantly elevate your mood, and a happy mood = happy life. It’s a form of on the go (and sustainable) self-help. A way to radically improve your mood. And with a better and more alive and enlightened foresight, you can have a better life.

You might call it a sense of well-being, of optimism or of meaningfulness in life, although those could also be treated as separate entities. But whatever happiness is, we know that we want it, and that is just somehow good. Music is all this and more.

Music is monumental in mood improvement. With a better sense of happiness and well being, research shows that people experience improved health, greater relationship satisfaction, enhanced, enlightened behaviour. A this collectively equals a good mood.

The science that makes a happy mood = a happy life

“This basically explains why music has been around for so long,” she added. “The intense pleasure we get from it is actually biologically reinforcing in the brain, and now here’s proof for it.”

Music is linked to induced pleasure with itself creates a surge of intense emotional arousal, this includes changes in heart rate, pulse, breathing rate and many other physiological measurements.happy,music,dopamine, happy mood Along with these physical changes, people often experience feelings of shivers or chills. When that happens during a listening experience, when this occurs blood flows to regions in the brain involved in dopamine release.

To quantify the link to dopamine, research shows that when shiver or chill inducing samples of music were played, for a period of 15 minutes, participants were injected with a radioactive substance that binds to dopamine receptors. Then with the aid of a machine called a PET scanner.v festival, Music,  happy mood The science is where they were are able to see that the substance simply circulated through listeners blood. This would indicate that the body had already released a lot of dopamine, and that the dopamine was tying up all available receptors.

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Music Therapy for the Masses

We bring to you Music Therapy for the masses. The reason is this form of therapy is generally associated with treatment of acute mental and physical impairments. Our question is, why don’t we all use this accessible self development in our everyday life? That’s the mission statement. So let us begin…

Enhance your life with Music Therapy

So what kind of day have you had? Are you elated, relieved, joyous or at the other end of the spectrum dejected, depressed, anxious or just worn down. Well I’m delighted to inform you that the correct anti depressant / meditative / or euphoric drug is readily prescribed and available to you 24/7.

Music Therapy canmusic therapy, singing hippos, music therapy for the masses

chase the blues away, blow out the cobwebs, or create an entranced ambient state. It is Simply the therapeutic gift of music. Music can slow the removal of certain chemicals from the brain. Without the need for advanced science at this stage, Generally the chemicals in question are called neurotransmitters. (Most notably serotonin and norepinephrine). Keep them, and you stay happier longer.

Music Therapy the proven science

Music Therapy works as a creative spark, a flexible and often spontaneous means of utilizing the all encompassing appeal of music.v festival, Music To help people of all ages, advantages and disadvantages. Music Therapy is an established health care practice that uses music to address physical, psychological, cognitive and social behavioural patterns. Music Therapy can positively affect children and adults alike. Music Therapy can make the difference between isolation and interaction and has been proven effective in all walks of life.

Rhythmic string, wind, percussion and voice can give you euphoric highs, and trance like stillness and peace. Similar to the effect antidepressant medications bring. So if you are looking for a course of medication to arrive at these states of mind, read on to learn more about how the most under used form of self therapy can re-route your mood almost instantly.

Need further evidence take a look at this ted talk from Benjamin Zander. Although primarily focused on classical music, this concept covers all music and all people.Its an education in itself.

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