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Is Music your Happy place?

Is Music your happy place? A happy mood and music is almost a natural occurring phenomenon. The appropriate music can instantly elevate your mood, and a happy mood = happy life. It’s a form of on the go (and sustainable) self-help. A way to radically improve your mood. And with a better and more alive and enlightened foresight, you can have a better life.

You might call it a sense of well-being, of optimism or of meaningfulness in life, although those could also be treated as separate entities. But whatever happiness is, we know that we want it, and that is just somehow good. Music is all this and more.

Music is monumental in mood improvement. With a better sense of happiness and well being, research shows that people experience improved health, greater relationship satisfaction, enhanced, enlightened behaviour. A this collectively equals a good mood.

The science that makes a happy mood = a happy life

“This basically explains why music has been around for so long,” she added. “The intense pleasure we get from it is actually biologically reinforcing in the brain, and now here’s proof for it.”

Music is linked to induced pleasure with itself creates a surge of intense emotional arousal, this includes changes in heart rate, pulse, breathing rate and many other physiological measurements.happy,music,dopamine, happy mood Along with these physical changes, people often experience feelings of shivers or chills. When that happens during a listening experience, when this occurs blood flows to regions in the brain involved in dopamine release.

To quantify the link to dopamine, research shows that when shiver or chill inducing samples of music were played, for a period of 15 minutes, participants were injected with a radioactive substance that binds to dopamine receptors. Then with the aid of a machine called a PET scanner.v festival, Music,  happy mood The science is where they were are able to see that the substance simply circulated through listeners blood. This would indicate that the body had already released a lot of dopamine, and that the dopamine was tying up all available receptors.

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