Desert Island discs scuba style

Tommy Sykes will never be on Desert Island Discs! Today it is desert island discs scuba style. So who is Tommy Sykes? Well this is his short bio, and 5 (I will never be on Desert Island discs) song choices.

I grew up a bit of a troubled soul. Was always bending if not breaking the rules. Not much of a traditional education (due to rarely attending school). Moved out of the family home as soon as I was earning a wage and from then lived in numerous shared houses with a wide array of all societies’ waifs and strays. But all in all a very socially dynamic time. Went to Australia when I turned 20, for no particular reason at all and spent numerous nights in some deluxe roofless accommodations. Discovered a passion for the water.louise-photo Scrimped and saved from job to job. Took my scuba instructors course. I now do and teach a job I absolutely love. Not wealthy, but I rise with the sun every day, and the Blue World is my paradise. The motto of my story is you don’t need a formal education to have a great life

Here are my choices:-

1. This Blue World –Elbow Only recently became aware of this. When im not under the water, shut my eyes listen to this and instantly feel at peace with the world.
2. Theme from Jaws- John Williams Ever since I first see this film and heard the iconic theme, was fascinated by this amazing creature to the point of being up close and personal.
3. Down Under – Men at Work: My adopted home, and nothing says Australian culture than this. Still as funny as the first time I heard it.
4. Fourth Rendezvous – Jean Michelle Jarre: An absolute genius. Complete mind transitional music.
5. Thunderstruck – ACDC: Not because they are Australian, just excellent fist pumping rock n’roll. Totally mind blowing live.

Well that’s Tommy’s choices. Please comment below. Better still comment below and tell me your short bio and 5 music choices. I will happily publish them. If you love Music. Show the love here!

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