Fight song yourself to a better place!

If you’re pissed off. You want to blow off steam, maybe even break something. Then Fight song yourself to a better place. Sometimes you’re not looking to calm down just yet; you want to fuel the fire. This song is guaranteed to do just that. It’ll help your blood reach its boiling point. Because regardless of all the health, medical and spiritual advice spiralling in the ether, anger is a human emotion like it or not.

Use the following diatribe as recognition that why hate and anger is indeed destructive, and arguably potentially wounding to no other than yourself. It is also the polar opposite to Peace and Harmony. marilyn manson, fight song, anger, societyA popular script is to truly appreciate the good times, you would of had to experience the bad. So in this parallel to enjoy peace, you have to experience anger. So Let it all out to everyone that’s ever f**cked you off Fight Song by Marylin Manson.

Society Breeds hate

Well indeed it does, No hatred, anger or frustration would exist if it were not product of the world around us. What is your boiling point? Is it money, Is it prejudice or intolerance. Maybe it is the ineptitude of nothing more than simplistic human failing, that in your own eyes is tantamount
to hearecy itself.osha, society Osho said “No society wants you to be wise, It is against the investment of all societies” So you become subjugated, Suppressed by systems, taxes, governments. Fortunately a few amongst us rise against such human injustice. These people were angry once. When the anger has subsided, then rationality and purpose are born out of rage. But to find that talisman anger is a significant part of that journey. In the song in question the battle cry is “I’m not a slave to a God that doesn’t exist, But I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a s**t”. Its just a step into what is reality for the vast and overwhelming majority of the worlds population. If your gonna get angry, may as well pick a big target.

Angry sportsman can be wrong

Anger isn’t all bad. Sports psychology will concur power, strength, determination and sheer will to conquer fellow man in the form of music will add fervour to the battle ahead. Sir Clive Woodward played “lose Yourself” by Eminem to his England Rugby team before a World Cup final, to hammer home the last chance saloon symphony.Stand or fall, live or die trying mindset.lewis moody, moody, mad dog, england,rugby If I recall correctly and with much fondness I believe England won that world cup. Was it because of a song? What science can ever ascertain such a fact or degree of importance. But one thing is for certain, a little measured anger didn’t hurt now did it!

So If its a Fight Song, An anger Song or just a letting off steam song. Because its healthier to let it out than blow a gasket letting it rumble unattended inside. What’s your go to f**k you song. I’m convinced we all have them, no matter how fervently you may deny it so what’s it to be?

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