Flick the Music switch and Light up your Brain

Flick the Music switch and light up your brain. It is proven music scientific fact. Music taps into various aspects and intricate workings of the brain. It is utilized by many experts in treating depressed or anxious patients. But if you think it’s a mere mood elevator. Think again! Dementia patients positively respond to Music, People suffering with speech Tourette’s syndrome, do not stammer or tick when singing!

So if your the fortunately unimpaired by illness amongst us, you are overlooking the sheer awesome power of music, it can change steer and guide you to limitless possibility. If it can change the lives of impaired brains, just think what can it do for you?

How Music lights up the brain and creates new structure

So breaking it down to its purest denominators. It has meter, timber, rhythm and pitch. brain activity, music lights up the brain, brain lights up to music, brain scienceThese are the structures of music that affect the areas of the brain that deal with Mood and Emotion. These key areas are the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and the parietal lobe.

Here is the science. When music lights up the brain, the hippocampus, a structure of the limbic system, is responsible for spatial orientation, navigation and the consolidation of new memories. It also triggers emotional responses. Click here to watch the brain reacting to music.

The prefrontal cortex, on the other hand, manages extreme impulses and emotions. Known as the “seat of good judgment,” it enables one to make rational calls so that inappropriate behaviors and actions are prevented.

As for the parietal lobe, it is in charge of spatial orientation and awareness, information processing and cognition. download festivalThis is why Music lights up the brain.

Music can alter your brain patterns

Because of Music’s inert ability to alter the different areas of the brain, music has been routed successfully in a number of therapies. In addition to the examples above it has been applied to stroke victims to teach them how to talk again. Since it reaches the expanses and extremes of emotional related barriers too, music is now at the forefront for mood-altering therapy.

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