Get rhythm for those new year blues!

So you are dragging yourself internally screaming through week one of a new year, and the human combustion engine is beginning to chug and misfire. Now is the time to get rhythm for those new year blues. It is the cornerstone and chemistry of what is all about.Party over, get rhythm, blues, country, musicpsyche Using music to create an altered state in your mind to propel you in whatever direction you need. In this scenario, Lets ringfence those midweek blues and with the sheer feelgood factor of some magical rhythm n’blues/country hybrid, get some dopamine pumping through your neural network.

Get rhythm, Country music isn’t all sad!

Well for a start the featured song, and inspiration for this post isn’t pure country Get rhythm – Ry Cooder. It’s got the blues, its got country and some lowdown whining gritty bluegrass for good measure. Combine this with some foot tapping, head dipping, a few hell yeahs and a few internal lasso sweeps and those clouds of blues are now blue skies. Its just catchy, simple, guitar plucking joyous melody. No frills, just knee slapping euphoria in a tune.

So pick yourself up, get rhythm and let’s go!

A couple of blasts of this bad boy, and you’ll be re-packaged and refreshed. No need for caffeine, sugar or any other artificial stimulants. You’ll just be flooding the old noggin with the good stuff, 100% natural endorphins!get rhythm, happy, positive, musicpsyche So whether its monotony, repetition, or just holiday season fallout. The mad scientific genius of music can re-focus your mind. There are an insurmountable number of reasons and out of your control influencers that can steer you down the blue road of life. But the cure to a recurring negative thought process is totally free, open all hours and yours at the merest touch of a play button. What is your dopamine charged happy positive anthem? Its always good to stack up your music armoury with new unaware of material. Let us know here.

Remember when the blues come Get rhythm, Get life!

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