I will never be on Desert island Discs setlist.

Since I will never be on Desert Island Discs. Let’s set my format and mix it up and make it very simple format, shortened from the traditional 8 songs to 5. IMG_8452This is because I know how valuable your leisure/social time is. If your story is enriching, engrossing, funny, sad of a jamboree of all human emotions. Just recall the song that links that memory and bring the stories to life through your musical choices and I’ll be happy to publish them.
I’ve put some examples here, just to give you an idea.

Ray Winstone: The drugs don’t work by the verveA memory of his mum who is terminally ill with cancer. The song epitomizes the sheer desperation that nothing can preserve her life.

Keith Richards: My True story by Aaron Neville
In Keith’s opinion one of the greatest soul singers, and one of the best do wop songs ever made, and he played guitar on it.

George Clooney: Another Brick in the wall by Pink FloydVery purest. If your going to be on a desert island, why not have a group singing about retaliation and revolution.

John Malkovich: Kentucky Avenue by Tom Waits
A childhood memory of drunk on Kentucky avenue that used to lay down in the town square, and the children used to throw bottles at him. this was just how it was!

Ricky Gervais: Anarchy in the UK by Sex PistolsA memory of buying the album “never mind the bollocks” and thinking it was great. But even now stands out as a powerful thought provoking song.

Ewan McGregor: Amazing grace
Being a proud scot and having a song that has passed from his father to himself, and it still rips a tear from his eye.

I have attempted to put a wide spectrum of music across these examples. I have also put a link to the episodes and the track itself.

Whether its growing up, Bizarre incidents, Marriages, funerals or just plain old memories and reminiscing. We all have a story in us, and we all have music in our lives. Whatever neural pathway has been sub-consciously set up, that piece of music can instantly evoke that memory.
Since, let’s face it Desert Island Discs is very elitist, There is a very high probability I will never be on desert Island discs, and likewise you neither.image But we live in a world of the internet, Social Media. Why shouldn’t your story be heard? Everybody has a story who is to say it is or isn’t more interesting than someone who have received plaudits for there works. This world survives and evolves due to 99.99% of us that don’t receive the glory or fame. This doesn’t make us any more or less worthy to tell our story. So tell yours!

The goal of this project is to share your music, your experience with the world. There are people out there that will adopt what you have done, enjoy the music choices you have provided. In this we free exposure to those very musical artists. We give free exposure to you! your goals, your ambitions, your life story. But nobody does anything for free, right?

Well I’m no different in that. But put your wallet away. I want this project to establish itself as a blog. Then establish it self as a podcast…….Then who knows maybe the universe. But in order to do that I need you to share. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Your email contacts… lets get this out to as many people as humanely possible.

Here is the link for my requirements, and for you it’ll take a fraction of the time it takes me to edit polish and publish your life story…. So click this link, submit your details….Let’s do it!

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