I will never be on Desert Island Discs

IMG_0633Well the bad news there is an incredibly high possibility you will never be on desert island discs.
It was first broadcast on 29 January 1942. More than 3,000 episodes have been recorded, with some guests having appeared more than once. So here is the math… That 73 years!!! Yep 73 years….wow! So averaging it out that’s just over 40 episodes per year. There are an estimated 7.2 billion people on earth at the moment. So your chances of appearing or being invited to tell your life story by music to the whole world is frankly non-existent! Sorry! That’s not to say your story isn’t interesting, appealing, courageous or even charmingly average. I have sat and listened to some awful dirge on desert island discs. Some relentlessly dour people that have the appeal of somebody putting a halibut unable your car seat and letting it fester. It has been done, and I’ve been the unwitting recipient. Not pleasant, is a very sober way of described it! I digress…..So what gives someone the prestige or aura of being worthy a desert island discs invites. Well basically an award or two, a celebrity status….and we are not always talking ‘a’ list. Written a well acclaimed or sold book, a songwriter or performer. Now all very noble and worthy people and I’m not attempted to diminish anybody’s achievements or indeed life story…..but!

Everybody has a story, Everybody! I would happily go out on a limb and say your story is more engrossing and real life than a vast majority on desert island disc guests. Some of the guests are so obscure in popular culture, they literally maybe the man or woman in the street. Yep, we are going grass roots up! From low achievers (in status, not in life experience), middle achievers and every scope and scale in-between and beyond. desert_island_discs_alt_2_-_largeBecause I believe you have a story, just the same, as every prevalent celebrity. There are an whole cornucopia of band leaders that have made the cut, but so many band members that haven’t that will have lived that whole dream with an entirely different perspective. So in a band but not the noted and worthy. Come along let’s hear your story. Book researchers (and the writers)…Bus drivers, fruit pickers, school leavers, university students, businessmen and every gap and crevice in-between.

I intrigued how music effects us all. There is an immense amount of science that supports and links music to our physical and mental well being. Music is used as medicine in many age related degenerating illnesses. It is essential in us growing up. It is part of the whole creative processes in our mind whether you are aware of it or not. Music releases dopamine in our bodies. In laymans terms its are naturally occuring happy juice.

It is my total consuming belief that the makers of music are mad scientists and geniuses. They create sounds, rhythm and lyrics that we sub consciously (and consciously) link to moments in our life. We can hear these again at random intervals in our life…..some times years in advance and completely out of the blue. All we need is one bar, one riff one note. We instantly recall the song, the beat, the lyrics. Then the pure neurological miracle that the memory kicks in and that songs monuments a particular moment in our lives. Vivid colors, characters and textures of a time, a place and a moment with all the relevant people in place in time. Music evokes and creates memories.

So don’t be afraid to put your name in the ring. There is not even a formal application process. Choose 5 pieces of music from your life, we can elaborate on the details later, assign those questions to a song and voila, we schedule it for a date and a time. The big carrot is, if your story is rich in emotion and landscape it will be promoted to the up and coming podcast. That’s me and you on the world wide web. Our 15 minutes of fame, as Andy Warhol would say!

Want a flavor of what I’m after? Then give desert island discs a listen to. Kirsty’s lovely, and its an epic piece of radio, I am a mahoosive fan. But it just doesn’t get amongst the people. That’s exactly what I want.

Here is the link to my page…….. My “I will never be on desert island discs” page…. Just for some ideas!

There are some requirements or T’s and C’s to your story being published. They are here and they are not prohibitive or complex, just a bit of vanity and self promotion so we can get your story out there to as many people as we can. Let’s get started….

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