Inside the Music Psyche 2

In the second week of “Inside the Music psyche”. This is always a selection of celebrities favourite songs and where applicable there reasons behind them. If you fancy joining the party click here!
There will be a huge diverse reasoning behind the choices some inspirational, some moving, some sad, some happy. They may purely link a moment in time with a specific tune. Then again they maybe just a favourite tune. Don’t forget you don’t have to be a celebrity to share your moments, your life story by music with the world you can do it right here, right now!
It is with sincere hope that you find some connection, some empathy or just find a new strain or genre of music that is worth a small investment of your time to listen to and appreciate. Broaden your musical horizons if you like.
There are so many diverse cultures, influences and pure musical joy throughout the world. Music should not be insular. It is a creative emotional process. Created by the people I refer to as the mad geniuses of musical science. That encompasses Writers, composers, musicians, poets and conductors.
Every emotion in every song or piece of music, creates and ambience, an emotion within your psyche. By unveiling musical choices, you are revealing a piece of you. You can impart this to everybody through music. If we get inside the music psyche of as many people as possible world will be a better place if we can share our emotions through music. Start Here.
This week’s selection are as follows, Just click on selections to listen:-
Michael Johnson (Gold Medal Olympic Athlete) : Tired of being alone by Al Green He said, “Grew up listening to this song. Al green was my dad’s favourite, and it reminds me of my dad”.
Richard Dreyfus (Actor, Director): The Entertainer by Marvin Hamlisch “I love ragtime music. When its slow it makes me cry, when its fast it makes me smile”.IMG_8561
Martina Navratilova (Tennis Champion): L’amour est un oiseau rebelle by Maria Callas “Empathised with her emotion, in her very sad life. Not the best voice but just full of colour and emotion”!
Noel Gallagher (Singer): Voodoo Ray by A Guy called Gerald “A song that i heard whilst not taking drugs, and thinking its just a drum machine. Then hearing it again under the influence thinking it was the greatest tune ever.”
Goldie Hawn (Actress): Back to black by Amy Winehouse
“She (Amy Winehouse) was a star. She moved me. Her light went out to soon”

Well I hope you expand your musical mind and give these your perusal. Want to be on these lists? Fame or notoriety is not a prerequisite. Let me know your choices here.
Let the world get inside your music psyche.

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