Music is the universal answer

Even in layman’s terms, and the elimination of all science. Music is the answer to why we tap our fingers and our feet. We remember instantly a tune within a few bars, of something you heard years ago. See, it even triggers memory. It can move you physically and mentally. If it has a particular style of dance relating to it. Your body sub-conciously knows. Music is the universal answer.

Its almost magical!

So, in conclusion. Music elevates, calms, infact can control your whole mood. music quoteWith music’s mood-enhancing effects, you might be asking yourself, what’s the quick fix? “What’s the best music to listen to?” Now that is the £64,000 question.

It can promote anger, love, joy, despair, enlightenment. What is the soundtrack of your life now? What is the soundtrack of your life going to be?

This is a journey for you, for me and all of us to share. We can all take inspiration from each other. All our knowledge combined can open doors for others. Music is our universal right rich, poor or comfortable. Lets open our eyes to every source of inspiration that exists.

In studies, you will be glad to know that all kinds of music can improve your mood. all genres native American, inca panpipe, European classical composers, grunge, metal, R & B and pop and every culure, sub culture and genre inbetween.

In a noted study, results showed that students who listened to music, Any type of music, reported feeling more elevated, more joyful, optimistic, friendly, calm and relaxed.

While there will always be the somewhat typecast soothing genres, such as classical masterpieces by Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi, (and this is only scratching the surface of classical music alone) the research shows that even the angriest and most powerful of songs – such as metal and grunge can make you feel positive and alive. Whether you are into pop, new wave, soft rock or alternative genres, you can feel happy!

I can make you Happy, I can make you sad

As aforementioned Music has the almost irrestitable ability to mood alter. Good/bad…happy/sad Be forewarned, there is such a thing as “sad music.”  In one experiment, research subjects were separated into two groups.  One group listened to upbeat “happy” music while the other group listened to somber “sad” music.  The people who listened to the “happy” music felt happy afterwards.  The people who listened to “sad” music conversely felt sad.  But what was actually surprising was the change in thoughts after listening to music.  Those who listened to the sad music remembered more of the bad things that had happened during the course of their lives and had little confidence in their ability to complete simple tasks successfully.


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