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Music Outlook Therapy, is a term I use to shorten the premise that music can change your entire perception on life. Is there something in life, present or past that saddens you. Blackens your outlook on life. It doesn’t have to even be present in front of you.  It can make you feel down for the days, days turn into weeks, weeks turn  into months to come, especially if you let it grind into you, with no respite or intervention. But if you want to stick a firebreak into the surrounding flames and to enjoy a more positive view in life, then what you need to embrace music. In this day and age its instant restorative process is by your side. Use it! Numerous studies show that people enjoy a ‘happier’ perceptive on life when they listen to resonating music. Do you doubt me listen to “Händel Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus”. Full blast. Eliminate any religious connotation and feel your spirit sore!  So if you want to crush the rebellion of depression away, crank up the device and expect your perception to be changed for the better, and for the good.

Music and perception

Music and mood are closely interlinked. In very basic terms listening to a sad or happy song, can make you feel more sad or happy. Such swings in mood not only affect how you feel, they also change your perception. For example, people will see positivity and energy if they are feeling positive and energetic themselves. Music has tremendous advantages in instantly having a dramatic effect on perception. Even if there is nothing to see, people sometimes still see energy and positivity when they are listening to positive energetic music and vice versa lethargy and sadness when they are listening to dark self indulgent music. Music turns out to have a great influence on what you see. sonos, music perception, musicpsycheConscious perception is largely based on systematic processes. Your brain continuously compares and calculates the information that comes in through your eyes with what it anticipates on the basis of what you know about the world. Basically, visual experience is reality. However when you change your mood or perception with music, your brain builds up expectations of reality, not just on the basis of experience but on your mood as well.’

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