Nerve Jangling Music

So why does the music move you? Why does music manipulate your neural system? How do artists and composers create nerve jangling music? Music and Songs are littered with generalized positive messages, and the euphoric rising and pounding of sound, and some of my personal favourites include “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” by Michael Franti and “Change gonna come” by Sam Cooke and classically “Mars” by Gustav Holst are filled with inspirational meanings and in the classical case, rumbling resonance. music move you, dance, msicThey can grab you and drag you upwards screaming, totally uplifting your mood. The messages and emotions that are embedded in such songs. plus the euphoria that comes with belting out these tunes, in your very own unique style – can motivate you to get up , stay up, and try again. Throw a little air guitaring and finger drumming or just dancing and just multiply the effect.

Need a pocket therapist?….So if your having a mood dip, take five….play it loud, sing it proud, let the music move you and your be back in the game before you know it!

Whenever the continual life struggle has you on the ropes, listening (preferably singing) to “My Way” or “That’s life” both sung at the top of your lungs can give you the power and motivation to renew and get some fresh perspective.

Let the music move you

So why does the music move you? For centuries music has been a constituent component for movement in dances, events, ceremonies and celebrations. milk1-CustomIt makes perfect sense! Rhythm perception alone accesses multiple areas of our brain, almost all of the same areas are used to process motor movements. Think of our biological blueprint and how constant and flowing rhythm is on a day to day basis. Heartbeats, breathing, stepping and arm swinging while we walk. All of these processes are without anything external being input, so when we add music with a resonate strong beat the structure and rhythm of potential movement is only heightened. Rhythm perception is not about individual beats, but about a pattern as a whole that becomes highly predictable instantaneously. Our bodies can synchronise to the rhythm, or in other words become as one with it, which helps prime, coherse and coordinate subsequent movements. We are literally biomechanically wired for music to move us!
To Download: I’m Alive by Michael Franti Click Here
To Download: Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke Click Here
To Download: Mars by Gustav Holst Click Here
To Download: My Way by Frank Sinatra
To Download: That’s Life by Frank Sinatra Click Here

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