Not as patient as an angel!

Having the commodity of patience in abundance, means you can remain calm, In the face of adversity. Even when you’ve been waiting like what feels like forever or dealing with something so painstakingly slow or trying to teach someone how to do something, that they just don’t get. It involves acceptance and tolerance. The ability to be as patient as an angel. Well I’m impatience personified, and it would be tensioning the tendons and ligaments of truth to say I handle this emotion well.

Lets put it in layman’s terms. We all have 24 hours per day. In that we are all equal. However the amount of 24 hour periods is a little more open to hope and inquiry. So time is a wasting. The to musical opposites in question are, and in the blue corner is “I want it all (and I want it now)” by Queen. Freddie Mercury a man that you could argue, lived his life excessively and paid the price. In the red corner Patience of Angels by Eddie Reader. A beautiful lyrically crafted meander through a life of anonymity, repetition and hope. As with everything there is possibly a measured and counter balanced response. On this issue however the fence is to splintery and abrasive on my derriere, that I can only fall on one side.

So I’m a blue corner thinker. how long have I got on this ragged patch of earth? Unanswerable and unknown. patience, virtueHave I got time therefore to waste, dither, procrastinate, pontificate on the circumstances around me. Do I have time to allow the planets to align. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t? But waiting isn’t going to achieve anything. But the more analytical of you. The planners, the prodders and the calculators. Would see no method in this impulsive madness. The horizon can only be seen, when a sturdy platform, on firm footings has been erected to get a pure salient perspective of the horizon and all the beauty it holds. Alternatively bumped, broken, shamed and bruised encounter after encounter (not diminishing all the life experience along the route) you wake up one day, beaten to submission or joyous in a journeys end.

buffering, waiting, patienceThis is not about money, not about status or stature its about your Elysium on earth. The plateau where all your (and yours alone) satisfactions is met. I’m trying to find a balance of the 2 valuable enemies and allies. I would glean far more life credits in thinking that I threw everything and failed, than If I had all the tent poles erected but never the canvas.

So the advocacy here is patience may well be a virtue, It maybe a waste of time? ā€œI was waiting for something extraordinary to happen but as the years wasted on, nothing ever did unless I caused it.ā€ ā€“ Charles Bukowski. Impulsive people that are not as patient as an angel. They are just balls out, pigeon hole failure as the way not to do things, and deal with what life hurls at them. I am not so enveloped in wisdom that I have any definitive answer.

But an equation on our lives for the numerically ordered amongst us is one day waiting = one non-refundable day gone. I found this opinion and thought provocation from music. What life lessons have you learnt from music?

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