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Your Egyptian Chains are on!

Do you feel currently, or have felt in the past your chains are on. What do I mean by chains? Well restrictions, inhibitors. Life obstacles that prevent you living the life you may idealise. You may feel your work/career chains are on. Maybe there is emotional or mental chains that imprison your dreams, aspirations and goals. This is not a modern problem as history and this landmark song illustrates.

Dio’s Chains are on

This week, a real blast from the past. Some good old unapologetic 80’s rock. Music of pedigree though.dio, chains, chains are onThe sadly recently deceased Ronnie James Dio (formerly of Black Sabbath and Rainbow) with his self named band, created a little masterpiece that is as relevant now, as it was then. Listen here.
Egypt(the chains are on). The lyrics recount the tale of ancient Egypt, and the woes of slavery and service of the masses.

The broad story board is, that in the land of pharaohs and queens all but the divine beings are subjects, numbers, fodder if you prefer. Bound to a life of endless servitude. There chains are on!

Signs your chains are on

As I pick through the learnings, yes learnings of a thumping rock song, can you draw parallels to each of the earmarked lyrics in your existence.

“In the land of the lost horizon”. Have you ever found yourself contemplating your life. Not now but when you were all dreamy and aspirational. When the world was your oyster. Then places you visit, the career to finance your dreams. Now if you have not ticked though life boxes or at least only few. Then you realise your ritualised hamster wheel life is doing little if nothing to rekindle that youthful enthusiasm. Then yours is the land of the lost horizon.

“In the land of no tomorrows where you pray to just to end each day. chains, chains are on, dio,egyptWhere your life just slowly melts away”. So the emotion of inevitability, of routine, of just another soul crushing day. Well that is your land of no tomorrows. Because today is tomorrow and transversely tomorrow is today. That descending feeling is your life melting away.

“Maybe one day you’ll be like me free. still your chains are on”. This is the hope in your soul. Of course hope is folly without substance, without action or endeavour. Your chains are on if your life is dictated by maybes. The goal is your freedom. Your obstacles in achieving that status are your chains and your routine.

Finally “They had rainbows in there eyes”. I believe there is always a way. A non-predetermined path for us all. The art of war is to strive to find it. I find it hard to comprehend that whatever your goal. It has been in some variant achieved before. Not only achieved but catalogued by means of a book, course or various and increasing different media streams. Step by step. Ready to be replicated, twisted and formed to your own needs. The rainbows in your eyes are your goals. You may have lost sight of, or lost focus on them. But live them in every bright and vibrant spectrum your life deserves. Because your fulfilled life depends on them.

This song is a portrayal of a life typified by slavery. It may now be transposed and seen as drudgery and monotony. But in either case it is slavery of the mind, body and spirit. So what are your ‘Rainbows in your eyes’songs? Let us know here.

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