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Searching for your Redemption

Whether you can find redemption in yourself, or you turn to your faith (that’s spiritual and totally non denominational), or you nestle in the belonging of your significant other. Searching for your redemption and closure from circumstance that has detrimentally become a part of you, is an integral/essential part of moving forward.

So the inward search for your emotionally supportive crutch, to assimilate some good and fair reason to supress or compartmentalise your past, allowing you to move on is robotically built into all of us. To seek help, solace or counsel isn’t a sign of weakness. It is more a sign of fortitude. In desperation, there is hope and out of pain will subsequently surface pleasure and joy.

Redemption the Samm Henshaw way

The song in question that evokes this soul probing is Redemption by Samm Henshaw. A grassy, earthy, soul ridden rasping tune. It is a whole journey through the darkest of times. redemption, Samm henshawThe scouring of his own soul to find worth and purpose. The allaying of his battered and bruised being. The negativity of doubt, fear, and fatigue of his life and his purpose. His last words, are of submission and request for recognition and forgiveness, so that he can move on.

The feeling of belonging and acceptance in all of us. There are that those that will protest fervently that they find security in solitude, and their sole dependency is within themselves. redemption, joyBack slapping gratitude and transversely outcry and condemnation are a matter for themselves. This though in certain goal driven dynamics is admirable, but also inhuman. Us humans are pack animals, social beings. We are programmed to belong

To quote a famous speech from The Great Dictator. “You have the love of humanity in your hearts. You don’t hate, only the unloved hate. The unloved and the unnatural”. So the essence of this post is that no matter how bad times are, or wrong we have endured or caused we all need someone or something to lean on. Not necessarily advice or mentoring, just a redemptive process of acknowledgement. Life is hard, that’s the cold hard facts for everyone to a scale. Don’t be afraid to seek support.

What is your song of redemption? Your song of needing support? I can think of numerous tracks that fit this theme. What is yours?

Redemption is just one emotion

Is there music that you feel a pure emotional draw to. Think of this premise….Music can and does affect everyday of your life, whether directly in to your mind by choice, or subliminally in every walk of life. Music can be used positively to direct, cajole and alter your whole state of mind. In my forthcoming book ‘You cant hear the planes, If you live on the flightpath’…. I will seek to create an altered state of consciousness in which we can all use to strive and succeed.

Not as patient as an angel!

Having the commodity of patience in abundance, means you can remain calm, In the face of adversity. Even when you’ve been waiting like what feels like forever or dealing with something so painstakingly slow or trying to teach someone how to do something, that they just don’t get. It involves acceptance and tolerance. The ability to be as patient as an angel. Well I’m impatience personified, and it would be tensioning the tendons and ligaments of truth to say I handle this emotion well.

Lets put it in layman’s terms. We all have 24 hours per day. In that we are all equal. However the amount of 24 hour periods is a little more open to hope and inquiry. So time is a wasting. The to musical opposites in question are, and in the blue corner is “I want it all (and I want it now)” by Queen. Freddie Mercury a man that you could argue, lived his life excessively and paid the price. In the red corner Patience of Angels by Eddie Reader. A beautiful lyrically crafted meander through a life of anonymity, repetition and hope. As with everything there is possibly a measured and counter balanced response. On this issue however the fence is to splintery and abrasive on my derriere, that I can only fall on one side.

So I’m a blue corner thinker. how long have I got on this ragged patch of earth? Unanswerable and unknown. patience, virtueHave I got time therefore to waste, dither, procrastinate, pontificate on the circumstances around me. Do I have time to allow the planets to align. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t? But waiting isn’t going to achieve anything. But the more analytical of you. The planners, the prodders and the calculators. Would see no method in this impulsive madness. The horizon can only be seen, when a sturdy platform, on firm footings has been erected to get a pure salient perspective of the horizon and all the beauty it holds. Alternatively bumped, broken, shamed and bruised encounter after encounter (not diminishing all the life experience along the route) you wake up one day, beaten to submission or joyous in a journeys end.

buffering, waiting, patienceThis is not about money, not about status or stature its about your Elysium on earth. The plateau where all your (and yours alone) satisfactions is met. I’m trying to find a balance of the 2 valuable enemies and allies. I would glean far more life credits in thinking that I threw everything and failed, than If I had all the tent poles erected but never the canvas.

So the advocacy here is patience may well be a virtue, It maybe a waste of time? “I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen but as the years wasted on, nothing ever did unless I caused it.” – Charles Bukowski. Impulsive people that are not as patient as an angel. They are just balls out, pigeon hole failure as the way not to do things, and deal with what life hurls at them. I am not so enveloped in wisdom that I have any definitive answer.

But an equation on our lives for the numerically ordered amongst us is one day waiting = one non-refundable day gone. I found this opinion and thought provocation from music. What life lessons have you learnt from music?

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New Year’s Let it be Words of Wisdom

Well its that time of year again, Another year gone, another starts. So let’s have some New year’s let it be words of wisdom. Let it be! Get your pencil sharpened, your eraser even readier, and lets start that list of resolutions. Or, lets not! There are hundreds if not thousands of resolution and positivity monkeys out there. Ready and willing to peddle you their wares, their systems their formulas for new year success. But I’m going to attack this subject from a very conciliatory, base camp kind of angle.

Lets start by stating for the record, clearly and concisely that the 31st January (or wherever your denomination chooses to allocate new year.0e660feddc59f6951e23d1fc7bad75f4 Its a con, a roués, A commercial fall frontal attack on the relevance of one day, to generate more income. It matters not a jot. The day you call time on the past and move on to whatever your venture or calling is, is whatever day you want it to be.

So your hopes and aspirations are no the content of this post. The core subject matter is drawing a line from where you are now. Parcelling up what has gone, understanding and accepting that how you revise, repair of even disregard it. It will never be as it was. I’m not for a single second belittling or simplifying the dereliction of your past. But highlighting the basic human need to move forward with purpose, and without energy sapping baggage.

Your past is your past. This post is a considerably heartfelt wrench through my own social history. So rest assured I write from pure experience. Not from re-purposed content. Not from trolling through hectares of self-help dirge.

So given the fact a date has no relevance. Why now! Some would say a bit hypocritical. Some, are more than welcome to their opinion. But as always a song I heard over this period of time brought this outpouring of emotion to light. But that is only one third of the story. Two thirds of this post have its roots in movies, and fictitious ones at that!

The first is Love Actually. The scene is of unrequited impossible love that exists in one but not the other protagonist. Its that moment of release and unburdening of your feelings, that allow you to move on. 6f83cc2d94898871a32cd857b109bea5The context of the scene is One man’s love, for another’s wife. But the salient point is I’ve bared my soul. I can do no more. Its time to move on.

“Enough now. Enough”.

The second is a little known film called ‘Star Wars-The Force Awakens’. Before the scoffing starts. No, I’m not perched over my keyboard dressed as a stormtrooper, neither is my light sabre at hand. Maz_Kanata_VDIn fact it is Sentence or to that is so pinpoint accurate its quite significant and self propelling.

“The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is in front of you”.

You can tinker, reprise, repair or disregard what has gone before. But you CAN’T change it. It is scientifically impossible. So call an end to it. There are probably endless metaphors to encompass this. But this seems pretty apt “mental baggage slows you down”.
So to the Music. The track that hopefully compels you to re-evaluate, re-organise or just plain old brush the ghosts of the past away, allowing you to tread the boards of you own onward stage. “Let it be” “>>by The Beatles. Its anthemic, It’s spiritual, its rousing….in short a true Classic. The two verses that really pull my dampened heart strings are the following:-


“..and when all the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be

For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be”

There it is. Hope, faith and forward momentum. Please excuse the religious denomination of ‘Mother Mary’. Just replace that with your own inner strength, your person to lean on, or religious icon of your choice. This song is for everyone.

In my opening foray. I did somewhat unfairly deride the anti-procrastination, positivity brigade. But in fairness amongst the charlatans and hawkers there is truth and there is gold in them there hills. You can not achieve anything without effort or determination. So dump the saddle bags of the past and move on.

It may well be new years eve at midnight of any random significant juncture in your life. But as Les Brown, a highly credible self motivator states:-

“Find out what it is you want, and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does,”

So have a happy significant year, and lifetime when ever you choose to start. Take it from embittered personal experience. Its not easy. But it is ultimately necessary.

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Scare away the dark

I love Music, in case you haven’t guessed! I listen, I envelope in myself in the whole auditorium of sound. I stand by my statement that musicians, songwriters and composers are scientific geniuses. They can manipulate emotion and states of mind. You can have an entire mood or neural dimension re-routed by one piece of music. My playlist would be reminiscent of a never-ending unravelling scroll. I love words. I love literature. My love is amplified when words are put to music, Or when music transcends words. Occasionally I come across Music that dead stops me in my tracks. This afternoon being one such occasion. A track by Passenger entitled “scare away the dark” Everyone has a life of light and shade. Unfortunately in modern life ‘shade’ is a predominant force. Us mere mortals are delicate souls, whether you choose to accept or deny that within your own psyche. But you can climb or fall. That’s the only choice we all have in reality. That’s why this song struck such an emotional chord with me. I’ve added the lyrics below, even read on there own with your own poetic licence, they should evoke a reassuring punch of resilience. For us all there are better times ahead. The destination is unmeasurable. But if you open your eyes, cast aside your darkness and broach the possible outcome, then giving this a little listen will reinforce your spirit. I assure you.

Scare away the Dark – Passenger

Well, sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Feel, feel like you still have a choice

If we all light up we can scare away the dark
We wish our weekdays away
Spend our weekends in bed
Drink ourselves stupid
And work ourselves dead
And all just because that’s what mom and dad said we should do

maxresdefaultWe should run through the forest
We should swim in the streams
We should laugh, we should cry,
We should love, we should dream
We should stare at the stars and not just the screens
You should hear what I’m saying and know what it means

To sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Love without fear in your heart.
Feel, feel like you still have a choice
If we all light up we can scare away the dark

Well, we wish we were happier, thinner and fitter,
We wish we weren’t losers and liars and quitters
We want something more not just nasty and bitter
We want something real not just hash tags and Twitter

It’s the meaning of life and it’s streamed live on YouTube
But I bet Gangnam Style will still get more views
We’re scared of drowning, flying and shooters
But we’re all slowly dying in front of fucking computers

So sing, sing at the top of your voice,
Oh, love without fear in your heart.
Can you feel, feel like you still have a choice
If we all light up we can scare away the dark

The video is basically saying there is more a 9-5 mundane, repetitive job. But I’m sure the commercial appeal has sanitised this video. The lyrics and thoughts that lie beneath the veil of the video are truly inspirational. There is light. There is life. We just all have to find where it is. If you ever lose your way and are becoming dispirited. Use this song. Reinforce the positive pathways in your mind. If your interested in the technicalities of how music can change your world you can read more here.