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A Beans on toast approach to the world!

Well, I would of never thought a burnt piece of bread with some haricot beans covered in salt and sugar rich tomato sauce would make me think(I.e beans on toast) yeah… that’s real life. In fairness. I knew that already… that is, that we are all indoctrinated into believing stock market crashes and falls. High interest rates, low interest rates. The country in deficit.robin hood, robin hood costume, beans on toast Austerity is required. News people. ‘ITS ALL BOLLOCKS’ it doesn’t actually exist. YOUR government is rich. It is rich beyond figures you can imagine. Look at Greece… borrow, borrow and borrow some more! Are they ever going to pay that back…..eeeeeerrr! Nope! Will Greece fall and become the ashes of Europe? that’s also Nope! If they choose to subject their citizens to tax cuts, benefit cuts etc….. its because its a paper exercise…. Lets jump to the middle east, or third world Africa.. Choose you country, any one you like….Are your parliamentarians suffering from the cuts and suffering….eerrr Nope!
But lets change tact completely….oil giants (insert preferred choice here)….profits down to a noiminal $37 billion, crude oil down 25% per barrel…. job cuts are inevitable! REALLY! job cuts on $37 billion? Why, are those CEO’s not quite not rich enough, that the proles have to lose their jobs…..??? A Person who I trust in this matter more than any other is James Altulcher…read this post, his far more qualified than me to speak.

Beans on toast

So we finally get to the song that’s the ignition behind this boiling point of a blogpost (rant).
A folk singer under the pseudonym of Beans on Toast,beans on toast, rolling up the hill rolling up the hill” width=”300″ height=”107″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-433″ />Very raw, very uncompromising, but very to the point….well worth a listen if you like violently strummed acoustic guitar and a real souly harmonica. The track in question is Robin hood costume. The taking from the rich to give to the poor rhetoric. Is it deeply socialist of me? no, not really its just fair. You , me and all of us are being conned, kept down and subjugated! I’ve used the following quote before but it deserves a second airing:- Osho said “No society wants you to be wise, It is against the investment of all societies”

….and for desert

As a supporting good read, I really became engrossed in Revolution by Russell Brand. Now you can question his motives and financial funding,revolution, russel brand but the premise is good. It’s conclusion, is the utopian ideal of equality. Which will never happen, because sadly we are all enveloped into the gerbil wheel of finance and economy. But it’s a good fairytale.

Well rant over…. but what is your rebellion song, your revolution song or just a plain f**k you song? let us know!

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