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A Mad Rush to the End of Innocence

A Mad rush to the end of innocence, is in all truth the journey we are all on in unison. From the awakening and starting pistol of birth, the race to the end of our mortal coil is incumbent upon us. Innocence and youth are both readily disposable commodities. When such traits are cast a sunder the onset of adulthood is sickeningly premature. With adulthood comes responsibility. Adolescence is just a brief acquaintance, and a parting gesture this acquaintance introduces you to your saddle. The world of demand and burden awaits. Your grasp on your fleeting childhood has loosened. The beauty of innocence, The joy of not knowing.beauty, mad rush, innocence, childhood, natureThe ability to observe unchallenged the sheer awe and bewilderment of possibility that lay ahead. It is our right of passage that we should be unfettered by sin or moral judgement. It is an extension of the womb in which protection is preserved allowing us to grow unhindered. So why the mad rush to accelerate growth? In women the incessant need to accelerate growth by means of make up and short skirts. In later life the clinging onto an anti ageing elixir. In men to smoke, drink and be sexually prolific. The latter day man worrying about hair loss, lifestyle related diseases and impotence. Why is there a Mad Rush to get to the very end in the swiftest time possible? Of course in whatever gender there are crossover points and neither circumstance is exclusive. But they are all traits of our accelerated modern lives.

Life in a Mad Rush

So what is the music that has shackled me to memories of my own youth, and by default the 3D reality of the tender youth that usurps my own? A mesmeric piano piece by Phillip Glass called Mad Rush. It is the personification of the pace of life. It rises, it descends. It trickles and flows throw the mind with consummate ease. The magic lies in that it caresses your soul draws memory and circumstance from your subconscious. The irony is before you even realise it, this 15 minute piece is over. Time for reflection has passed. That is the majesty of this music, it gently unwraps and exposes your innocence, it chastens you into a recant of childhood. Then its over!

Mad rush to dispose of innocence

Protect the innocence of childhood. Promote and value it. Whether your a parent or relative, or indeed the child in question. Hold on to your youth for as long as you can. beast of burden, mad rushProtect it as if your life depends on it. It goes so quickly and once passed it is non refundable. There is so much time to grow up. When your a beast of burden, that saddle is fastened tight, its construction has a life time guarantee. So a visit to the saddlery is unfortunately a part of the cycle of life. But don’t be jumping the queue to get there.

Music envelopes us. It prompts rich and vivid memories. It can recount pain, bring joy and every emotion in-between. Try today’s music in seclusion. Play it loud, and it still soft to the touch. What Music holds court over your life. We would love to hear.