Take the easy option, just give up!

So you’ve had enough. To many obstacles, insurmountable barriers. So you procrastinate. So you feel the fear, and do it anyway as in the best selling book. Or Not as the case may be. So the fight is over, you can just take the easy option and just give up. Now isn’t that better? All the stress, toil and effort is redundant. Indifference then enters stage left. I tried, I failed….so what. Then slowly the growth of those feelings of failure rear there considerably ugly head. This is the natural human course. When sufficient time has passed, then the analytical side of your brain seeks closure. How close were you? Were you at the last hurdle and exhausted to the point of finishing line blindness. Well you’ll never now will you?

Wise words indeed. Probably bordering on preachy or self righteous. But this is the exact opposite of what I really believe. Now to the people that really know me, I’m going through some very challenging emotional times and the above example is a road i’ve been taking time and time again, in a headless chicken method of resolving my problems. All this thinking was brought to fruition and cohesion by the song “Don’t give up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush”. When the key people in my life stumble across this post, there will be a fair share of scoffing at my expense. I haven’t seen the woods for the trees. Haven’t seen what’s in front of me, and the strength and bond it provides. The are several parts of this song that epitomize
what they say, but the hearing of it becomes diffused due to the emotional ardour.

75d390c845d4829911449a3c9b9f97f1For example:-
Don’t give up
’cause you have friends
Don’t give up
You’re not beaten yet
Don’t give up
I know you can make it good

I’m repeatedly told this, but there are internal barriers that prohibit this faith and strength in the people around me to manifest in myself. There isn’t anything that is easy. You have to earn easy. This is my time in the trenches earning it and this song has helped me to appreciate that. The people closest to me have willingly volunteered themselves to lean on. But due to inept reasoning and childish male pride shun it. So thank you Mr.Gabriel you have truly opened my eyes.

The human spirit is as strong as it is weak. this next verse for me emblazons that we don’t necessarily need things, but we need warmth, we need security. we need hope and belief. Faith if you prefer but for me, not in a religious sense. In that someone loves you, above all else. They see your pain. They cant take that away, but they can swaddle you, and give you the belief to not only overcome, but to hold your hand through the troubled waters unconditionally. This one verse encompasses devastation and hope in one verse.tumblr_maly8ppZUY1rzjvjio1_500

As daylight broke, I saw the earth
The trees had burned down to the ground
Don’t give up
You still have us
Don’t give up
We don’t need much of anything
Don’t give up

So to those who know who they are….. a thank you, for everything. I love you with all my heart. But the message is, although this is a little biopic of my life is listen to this song. DO NOT give up! Whatever turmoil, emotional pain, strain or bereavement. Solace exists in the people around you. You just need to show your weakness and accept the kindness and love of others. Its an embittered world. But your network is out there. You just have to let it take the strain for you occasionally. Its not weakness, its support so do not give up. The clouds will eventually disperse have faith in the people that care for you.

But give the whole song a listen….its lyrical genius. There is something for everyone in there.Do you have a similar story, or a song that denotes a stage or moment in your life… a pinnacle and poignant reminder of good or bad times? If so let us know. Music is a wondrous thing it can evoke a whole plethora of human emotion and we’d love to know yours.

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