Tanya Garner will never be on Desert Island Discs!

Tanya Garner will never be on Desert Island Discs! So who is Tanya Garner? Well her short bio, and 5 ‘I will never be on desert Island discs’ choices are below. What are yours?

Hi, I’m Tanya Garner. I was born into a loud, wild and raucous family, My parents were very socially active, with a wide group of friends that I see so frequently, it felt that they almost lived with us. Don’t remember any standardized mealtimes or bedtimes and even though they are still a little radical and off the wall, they managed to mould me into a pretty cool balanced woman. images63MNJ661I grew up with 2 brothers and a sister and although my parents never seemed to do the same job for any prolonged period, they worked hard to provide for us. I was into everything! Loved school and being around people as well as all the extracurricular stuff such as sports, music as well as dabbling in most religions at some point or another. I had tons of friends growing up and socializing took precedence over education. However, I managed to graduate with some above average exam results, and set off to university where I earned a degree in fine art. After university I immediately bypassed 9-5 and went solo travelling worldwide. Having to be self-sufficient taught me the importance of being independent, throughout my life. As an adult, I work on freelance art and design contracts. I am the direct opposite of a materialist. I earn, I play and repeat. Growing up with a free thinking family instilled the wild, fun and carefree characteristics in me, and I make sure to have fun each and every day. So I guess I am very much a product of my parent’s upbringing, and I love them for that.

Here are my choices:-

1. Kiss, Kiss by Tarkan: Heard this virtually on loop when travelling in Turkey, don’t know if this is the original or not, but this was the sound of that Turkish summer and can just remember dancing insanely to it.

2. Love Shack by The B52’s: Basically this is the house I was brought up in always a party, always singing and dancing, and this song sums it up.

3. Sailing by Rod Stewart: Spent a lot of my life travelling especially on the water. For me this song cries freedom.

4. Air by Johan Sebastian Strauss: University and the arts obviously is something that has stayed with me. This symbolizes just joy and peace,

5. The Escapist by The Streets: Ok, there is a theme here. But for me this is travel and the delicate precious nature of life.

Well that’s Tanya’s choices. Please comment below. Better still comment below and tell me your short bio and 5 music choices. I will happily publish them. If you love Music. Show the love here!

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